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#2858 duplicate nspr-4.8.0 DJ Lucas Sven Hankel

there is no combined tarball, so I made my own (attached) The modifyed *.pc-files and nss-config are included. Unfortunately, it is to big for an attachement.

to make it, simply unpack nss-3.12.3.tar.gz and nspr-4.8.tar.gz and copy the content from one directory to the other. Because the redhat-patch does not really work, You have to create the *.pc-files by Your own or You can use the attached ones.

Hint: If You want to utilise sqlite3 on Your system, You should install it before nss+nspr.

Then change the build instructions:


export BUILD_OPT=1 &&

cd mozilla/security/nss &&
make nss_build_all &&
cd ../.. &&

export NSS_LINUXDIR=$(basename `ls -d $WORKINGDIR/mozilla/dist/Linux*`)

go on in setup as described in the book...

this ensures, that the components are linked against the installed sqlite3, otherwise, it will overwrite files from sqlite3 and compromise Your system (unresolved symbols in sqlite3 and so on)

test summaries: PASSED: 5344 FAILED: 6

#1949 fixed Python 2.4.3 version not set in general.ent blfs-book@… Chris Schwemmer

The instructions for Python were updated for version 2.4.3 with r5894, but it was forgotten to update general.ent to reflect the new version. Thus the page in the book still talks about version 2.4.2. The gdbm patch for 2.4.2 applies flawlessly, but needs to be renamed, too, when the version is updated.

#2013 fixed kdelibs has another optional runtime depency: pmount bdubbs@… Chris Schwemmer

kdelibs can use pmount (, which in turn needs libsysfs: at runtime. This enables auto-mounting of hotplugged devices at /media/[device_name] for any user without any fstab-modification. This corresponds to method 2b of and is all that is needed to enable full integration of the newest HAL in KDE (in case you're still researching that).

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