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#2013 fixed kdelibs has another optional runtime depency: pmount bdubbs@… Chris Schwemmer

kdelibs can use pmount (, which in turn needs libsysfs: at runtime. This enables auto-mounting of hotplugged devices at /media/[device_name] for any user without any fstab-modification. This corresponds to method 2b of and is all that is needed to enable full integration of the newest HAL in KDE (in case you're still researching that).

#2023 fixed Qt has /usr/X11R6 hard-coded DJ Lucas Chris Schwemmer

Qt has /usr/X11R6 hard-coded in serveral places, most notably qmake.conf. When building on a system that has X in an unusual place (like /opt/X), it fails with /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXext. Konstruct (a build system for KDE) has the following fix for this: sed -i "s#/usr/X11R6#$(TARGET_X11)#g" mkspecs/$(TARGET_PLATFORM)/qmake.conf with adequate values for TARGET_X11 (the place X is to be found) and TARGET_PLATFORM (linux-*).

#1685 fixed Does not build with dependencies required according to book, but newer version of libgsf does Randy McMurchy Christian.Bendele@…

My System is LFS-gcc4 from svn built within the last 20 days, always using newest svn (host system was lfs 5.0). Instead of gcc-4.0.1 gcc-4.0.2 was used. BLFS was built within the last 10 days always using newest svn. All dependencies that the book states for libgsf (glib, libxml, xml::parser) built successfully, as did xfce4, firefox, thunderbird, xchat, cups and ghostscript with all their required dependencies. Nothing else was installed yet on the clean lfs system.

Installing libgsf-1.12.3 according to the book I failed at ./configure step. The last lines of output from "./configure --prefix=/usr" are:

configure: WARNING: thumbnailer will not be built, unable to find gconftool-2 configure: error: conditional "GCONF_SCHEMAS_INSTALL" was never defined. Usually this means the macro was only invoked conditionally.

The same happend with or without any possible combination of the "--without-gnome and --disable-schemes-install" flags which I tried.

I then proceeded to install the newest version of libgsf (1.13.2 as of this writing) instead of the older version contained in the book. The newer version of libgsf configured and build without any problems and errors in the otherwise unchanged environment. So maybe the way to go is just update libgsf in the book to the newest version.

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