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#2191 fixed rxvt-unicode 8.2 Ag. Hatzimanikas Ag. Hatzimanikas

This a ticket to include rxvt-unicode terminal emulator in the book.


  • Works without issues in every locale.
  • Embedded perl interpreter (--enable-perl).

Some things you can do with some perl extensions,already included in the distribution.

Tabbed terminal.Shift-Left and Shift-Right will switch to the tab left or right of the current one, while Shift-Down creates a new tab.

Middle click in an url,opens the program specified in the resources. URxvt*urlLauncher:firefox or by starting the urxvtc client like urxvtc -pe tabbed

Incremental scrollback buffer search pressing Alt+s.

Popup menu to Ctrl-Button2 that lets you toggle options at runtime.

  • Daemon.

That means you can start the daemon (urxvtd) and then you can connect the clients (urxvtc) to it.Very efficient in terms of memory usage. Warning.If the daemon crashes for some reason you will loose the clients too.However this is a very rare case;In more than 2 years of heavy usage I didn't have such a crash.

*Active development.

Instructions (some of the config options could be excluded):

./configure --prefix=/usr \
	--enable-xft \
	--enable-font-styles \
	--enable-transparency \
	--enable-tinting \
	--enable-fading \
	--enable-utmp \
	--enable-wtmp \
	--enable-lastlog \
	--disable-rxvt-scroll \
	--disable-next-scroll \
	--disable-xterm-scroll \
	--enable-perl \

Current version is 7.9. Download link for anyone is interested to give it a try and for testing reasons.

Some of the options you can put in the ~/.Xdefaults (preferable according with the author instead of .Xresources).

URxvt*scrollColor: gray
URxvt*saveLines: 5500
URxvt*scrollBar_floating: false
URxvt.scrollBar: false
URxvt*scrollstyle: urxvt
URxvt*font: xft:DejaVu LGC Sans Mono:style=Book:pixelsize=17
URxvt.background: black
URxvt.foreground: gold1
URxvt.shading: 30
URxvt.tintColor: white
URxvt*colorRV: White
URxvt*colorBD: AntiqueWhite
URxvt*pointerColor: red
URxvt*pointerColor2: red
URxvt*cursorColor2: Blue3
URxvt*borderLess: true
URxvt*perl-ext: mark-urls
URxvt*urlLauncher: Start-elinks-from-firefox  #this is just a script(place your browser instead,it doesn't have to be an absolute path.)
URxvt.color0: rgb:0/0/0
URxvt.color1: rgb:cc/00/00
URxvt.color2: rgb:00/cc/00
URxvt.color3: #bd5e01
URxvt.color4: rgb:00/00/cc
URxvt.color5: rgb:cc/00/cc
URxvt.color6: rgb:00/cc/cc
URxvt.color7: rgb:aa/aa/aa
URxvt.color8: rgb:33/33/33
URxvt.color9: rgb:ff/00/00
URxvt.color10: rgb:00/ff/00
URxvt.color11: rgb:ff/ff/00
URxvt.color12: rgb:00/00/ff
URxvt.color13: rgb:ff/00/ff
URxvt.color14: rgb:00/ff/ff
URxvt.color15: rgb:ff/ff/ff

Project page:

#2192 fixed Drop gtk+(1) from the book. blfs-book@… Ag. Hatzimanikas

Sorry if this a duplicate ticket,the search query returned to me nothing about the subject,if so please close it.

There is no reason to still include the gtk+(1) in the book.

The applications that are still depends in the outdated toolkit are rare.

And we can always in such rare cases,point to a previous book version.

I set the milestone to future,however there is nothing to stop us to remove it in 6.2.

#2193 fixed Drop Xfree86 from the book bdubbs@… Ag. Hatzimanikas

I don't know any of the current editors that is still building Xfree,so there is no way to keep it updated.

If a user still wishes to build a monolithic X Window System he can always uses the last xorg-6.9.0 version.

So I suggest that XFree86-4.6.0 will be the last version that will be included in the BLFS-book.

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