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#2312 fixed OpenSSH-4.6p1 Randy McMurchy Ag. Hatzimanikas

Whats new:

sshd now allows the enabling and disabling of authentication methods on a per user, group, host, and network basis via the Match directive in sshd_config.

A number of non-security bugs were fixed, including a hang on exit for ttyful/login sessions.


#2313 fixed Development version of HTML Tidy Randy McMurchy Ag. Hatzimanikas

Dan Nicholson tried to start a discussion in the mid of February but unfortunately without participation (1). But the issue still remains and deserves an answer so I am opening this ticket.

In my understanding there is no other choice to update the book to more recent versions for these packages, other than pulling the sources through cvs.

With regards to ffmpeg; I am using ffmpeg versions for a while without an issue, updating the tree usually once in six months. I now have a version from 07-12-2006.

Initially (February), I had the intention to include mutt to this list, but this is no longer an issue, since the new mutt maintainer promised for a stable release soon. At least there is a roadmap right now.


#2315 fixed Dash-0.5.3 dnicholson@… Ag. Hatzimanikas

This is a ticket to record the recent activity (1) around Dash.

Dash was included in the book (revision 6667) with the intention to replace Ash, which is no longer under development ( this will be a separate ticket).

Dash, which stands for 'Debian's Ash', is maintained by Herbert Xu from Debian, is a standard POSIX shell. It can be used for debugging standard POSIX syntax/commands or as a default shell for small systems.


We placed the binary (--bindir=/bin) into the root filesystem. For FHS compliance we used (--mandir=/usr/share/man). We used LC_ALL=C make, for the different behavior of sort command (which is being used during the build), in a locale other than the standard C locale. Example.

echo -e ".\n:" |LC_ALL=el_GR.UTF-8 sort
echo -e ".\n:" |LC_ALL=C sort

Binary behavior:
Result without the fix.

$ : ${FOO=foo}
dash: :: not found

Expected result, if FOO wasn't set
$ echo $FOO

See (2) for more information.

Dan submitted a patch about the issue upstream. Note: There will a new release, with this fix and all the patches from the debian unstable. Until then, a patch is pending to be applied in the book.



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