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#5277 fixed && missing blfs-book@… Thomas de Roo

&& is missing after the line: ./configure --prefix=/usr \

--disable-static \ --docdir=/usr/share/libdvdread-4.9.9

#1461 fixed 'Clear' escape sequence bdubbs@… Randy McMurchy

This is a very minor issue, please disregard and close the bug if it 1) doesn't make sense, or 2) is completely wrong

In the "Customizing your Logon with /etc/issue" section of Chapter 3, there is a reference to the escape sequence used to clear the screen The book says "[c" however, this could be confusing to folks as this sequence is not what is shown in a file I create and then edit using standard vim.

I get "[[H[[2J" on an xterm and "[[H[[J" on a Linux console. I'm only mentioning this as some users may be looking for what is shown in the book and may not understand what is at the top of the file they created.

#8315 fixed (GNOME 3.22 Apps Meta Ticket) Douglas R. Reno Douglas R. Reno

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