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#236 fixed /etc/profile and ~/.bash_* jwrober@… jwrober@…

Fill in the page titled /etc/profile and ~/.bash_*

First - give the page a new title -- /etc/profile and ~/.bash* (kill the underscore) - because ~/.bash_* misses ~/.bashrc

Include a general introduction, links/pointers to man, info, www, etc. for further reading. Provide either code snippets or a full example. I am leaning to a smorgasborg (sp?) approach. Pick the code snippets you want to include to make your own /etc/profile and ~/.bash_*

If at all possible add sections to explain interactive -vs- non-intractive logons and some other features of bash. Help lead in to the next page /etc/inputrc which ~/.bashrc uses (or should reference).

#746 fixed /etc/profile enhancement suggestion bdubbs@… tushar@…

See the above thread.

#2425 wontfix /etc/profile.d/ is no longer needed blfs-book@… Joe

In Chapter 3, The Bash Shell Startup Files, /etc/profile.d/ tests for the existence of /usr/X11R6/bin/X and /usr/X11R6/lib/pkgconfig, but since /usr/X11R6 is symlinked to /usr, the additions to PATH and PKG_CONFIG_PATH are unnecessary.

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