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#10637 fixed zsh-5.5 Bruce Dubbs Bruce Dubbs

New minor version.

#7204 fixed zsh-5.2 and zsh-5.2-doc Fernando de Oliveira Fernando de Oliveira

Past versions can be found at

afe96fde08b70e23c1cab1ca7a68fb34  zsh-5.2.tar.xz
873f1ade1fa5d0d15f9cba16d3ba5f98  zsh-5.2-doc.tar.xz

zsh 5.2 released

    X-seq: zsh-users 21025
    From: Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
    To: Zsh Users <zsh-users@xxxxxxx>
    Subject: zsh 5.2 released
    Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 19:32:15 +0000

Version 5.2 of zsh has been released and is available at with uploads to Sourceforge to follow.

This has a lot of bug fixes and fewer minro [minor] feature additions.
See the README file.

As before, there are .gz and .xz compressed versions.  In addition,
all tar files have detached gpg signatures in .asc files signed with the key

pub   2048R/4BDB27B3 2015-11-25
      Key fingerprint = F7B2 754C 7DE2 8309 1466  1F0E A71D 9A9D 4BDB 27B3
uid                  Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
sub   2048R/4C58D718 2015-11-25

Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Web page now at

Pub key can be found at


This is version 5.2 of the shell.  This is a stable release.  There are
a few visible improvements since 5.1.1 as well as many bugfixes.  Note
in particular the changs [changes] highlighted under "Incompatibilites
[Incompatibilities] between 5.1 and 5.2" below.  See NEWS for more

Incompatibilities between 5.1 and 5.2

The behaviour of the parameter flag (P) has changed when it appears
in a nested parameter group, in order to make it more useful in
such cases.  A (P) in the outermost parameter group behaves as
before.  See NEWS for more.


Note also the list of incompatibilities in the README file.

Changes from 5.1.1 to 5.2

The new module zsh/param/private can be loaded to allow the shell
to define parameters that are private to a function scope (i.e. are
not propagated to nested functions called within this function).

The parameter flag ${(P)...} is now more useful when it appears in
a nested expansion.  For example,

  typeset -A assoc=(one un two deux three trois)
  print ${${(P)name}[one]}

now prints "un".  In previous versions of the shell the value of the
substitution was fully expanded on return from ${(P)name}, making
associative array subscripting difficult.  As a side effect, flags
for formatting appearing in the inner substitution now affect the
substitution of the name (into "assoc" in this case), which is not
normally useful: flags that should apply to the value must be in the
outer substitution.

The GLOB_STAR_SHORT option allows the pattern **/* to be shortened to
just ** if no / follows. so **.c searches recursively for a file whose
name has the suffix ".c".

The effect of the WARN_CREATE_GLOBAL option has been significantly
extended, so expect it to cause additional warning messages about
parameters created globally within function scope.
#6925 fixed zsh-5.1.1 Fernando de Oliveira Fernando de Oliveira

Past versions can be found at

ae55bc07b7054093fed09b52d575582a  zsh-5.1.1-doc.tar.xz
0e8ea3313300277a04cee80836507bae  zsh-5.1.1.tar.xz

Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2015 19:18:54 +0100
From: Peter Stephenson <>
To: Zsh Users <>
Subject: 5.1.1 available

Version 5.1.1 of zsh is available at

This is mostly a fix for bugs discovered since 5.1, though a few minor
features have crept in.

Peter Stephenson <>
Web page now at
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