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#6874 fixed zsh-5.1 Fernando de Oliveira Fernando de Oliveira

Past versions can be found at

New minor version:

Notice s/tar.bz2/tar.xz/

1cae4809faf084081fb9aa08a3041288  zsh-5.1-doc.tar.xz
fbf736a6540873f4fb7bdaf70cafb1f0  zsh-5.1.tar.xz

Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 20:13:24 +0100
From: Peter Stephenson <>
To: Zsh Users <>
Subject: zsh 5.1 released [user]

[You may or may not also get this from, but this is
likely to arrive more quickly in any case so I thought I'd send it here.
Do not ingest your SATS.]

Version 5.1 of zsh has been released and is available from

and will be uploaded to Sourceforge.

Note that in addition to the tar.gz files (for people who like
traditional compression schemes) there are also tar.xz rather than
tar.bz2 files (for people how like the latest compression scheme).  The
latter are uncompressed with "tar xJf", rather than "tar xjf".

This is an upgrade from 5.0.8.  A two-digit release number has been
picked as a simplification: it does not imply that this version is
substantially different from the previous release.

There are a couple of interesting enhancements.  In particular, there is
now support for genuine assignment syntax after keywords such as "local"
and "typeset"

Also, text pased within X terminals is safer as it appears as characters
rather than raw input (so in particular you need to hit Return to
execute it).  Note that slight tweaks to this may occur in future
versions, though the general scheme is likely to remain the default.

See the README and NEWS files for more.

There are also many bug fixes, notably better protection against race
conditions in interrupts (typically, but not necessarily, those
resulting from exiting child processes), as well as enhancments to
completion functions.


Peter Stephenson <>
Web page now at
#6555 fixed zsh-5.0.8 Fernando de Oliveira Fernando de Oliveira

c49d1f0d2e7593c966461e0c1fa70532  zsh-5.0.8-doc.tar.bz2
e6759e8dd7b714d624feffd0a73ba0fe  zsh-5.0.8.tar.bz2


Subject: zsh 5.0.8 is available
From: Peter Stephenson <>
To: Zsh Announcement List <>

This version contains some minor feature enhancements and many bug
fixes, including fixes for some basic parsing problems and long-standing
compatibility issues in POSIX / sh compatibility mode. There are the usual
enhancements to completion functions.

An upload to Sourceforge will follow.
#5637 fixed zsh-5.0.7 Fernando de Oliveira Fernando de Oliveira

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