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New point version.

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Version 2.02.177 - 18th December 2017

  • When writing text metadata content, use complete 4096 byte blocks.
  • Change text format metadata alignment from 512 to 4096 bytes.
  • When writing metadata, consistently skip mdas marked as failed.
  • Refactor and adjust text format metadata alignment calculation.
  • Fix python3 path in lvmdbusd to use value detected by configure.
  • Reduce checks for active LVs in vgchange before background polling.
  • Ensure _node_send_message always uses clean status of thin pool.
  • Fix lvmlockd to use pool lock when accessing _tmeta volume.
  • Report expected sanlock_convert errors only when retries fail.
  • Avoid blocking in sanlock_convert on SH to EX lock conversion.
  • Deactivate missing raid LV legs (_rimage_X-missing_Y_Z) on decativation.
  • Skip read-modify-write when entire block is replaced.
  • Categorise I/O with reason annotations in debug messages.
  • Allow extending of raid LVs created with --nosync after a failed repair.
  • Command will lock memory only when suspending volumes.
  • Merge segments when pvmove is finished.
  • Remove label_verify that has never been used.
  • Ensure very large numbers used as arguments are not casted to lower values.
  • Enhance reading and validation of options stripes and stripes_size.
  • Fix printing of default stripe size when user is not using stripes.
  • Activation code for pvmove automatically discovers holding LVs for resume.
  • Make a pvmove LV locking holder.
  • Do not change critical section counter on resume path without real resume.
  • Enhance activation code to automatically suspend pvmove participants.
  • Prevent conversion of thin volumes to snapshot origin when lvmlockd is used.
  • Correct the steps to change lock type in lvmlockd man page.
  • Retry lock acquisition on recognized sanlock errors.
  • Fix lock manager error codes in lvmlockd.
  • Remove unnecessary single read from lvmdiskscan.
  • Check raid reshape flags in vg_validate().
  • Add support for pvmove of cache and snapshot origins.
  • Avoid using precommitted metadata for suspending pvmove tree.
  • Ehnance pvmove locking.
  • Deactivate activated LVs on error path when pvmove activation fails.
  • Add "io" to log/debug_classes for logging low-level I/O.
  • Eliminate redundant nested VG metadata in VG struct.
  • Avoid importing persistent filter in vgscan/pvscan/vgrename.
  • Fix memleak of string buffer when vgcfgbackup runs in secure mode.
  • Do not print error when clvmd cannot find running clvmd.
  • Prevent start of new merge of snapshot if origin is already being merged.
  • Fix offered type for raid6_n_6 to raid5 conversion (raid5_n).
  • Deactivate sub LVs when removing unused cache-pool.
  • Do not take backup with suspended devices.
  • Avoid RAID4 activation on incompatible kernels under all circumstances.
  • Reject conversion request to striped/raid0 on 2-legged raid4/5.

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 19624.

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