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    initial v1  
    11New point version.
     3Yet another collection of fixes from master. There will likely be at
     4least one more 1.19.x release in 2018 as there are still a number of
     5unreviewed patches pending. Until then, happy new year.
     7Adam Jackson (10):
     8      xfixes: Remove the CursorCurrent array
     9      glx: Fix typos that break GLX_ARB_context_flush_control
     10      glx: Only flush indirect contexts in MakeCurrent (v2)
     11      glx: Fix glXQueryContext for GLX_FBCONFIG_ID and GLX_RENDER_TYPE (v2)
     12      composite: Remove a misleading comment
     13      composite: Export compIsAlternateVisual
     14      composite: Make compIsAlternateVisual safe even if Composite is off
     15      glx: Send GLX_VISUAL_SELECT_GROUP_SGIX attribute for visuals
     16      glx: Move Composite's synthetic visuals to a different select group
     17      xserver 1.19.6
     19Alex Goins (1):
     20      ramdac: Check ScreenPriv != NULL in xf86ScreenSetCursor()
     22Daniel Martin (4):
     23      modesetting: Fix potential buffer overflow
     24      test: input: Fix used uninitialized warning in dix_event_to_core
     25      test: signal-logging: Fix looping signed number tests           
     26      os/xdmcp: Honour -once when session is dead
     28Eric Anholt (1):
     29      xkb: Print the xkbcomp path being executed when we fail to compile.
     31Giuseppe Bilotta (3):
     32      xkb: initialize tsyms
     33      randr: ProcRRGetOutputInfo: initialize memory
     34      randr: rrGetScreenResources: initialize memory
     36Hector Martin (1):
     37      edid: fix off-by-one error in CEA mode numbering
     39Michel Dänzer (1):
     40      present: Only send PresentCompleteNotify events to the presenting client
     42Nikolay Martynov (1):
     43      XShmGetImage: fix censoring
     45Olivier Fourdan (2):
     46      xwayland: Fix non-argb cursor conversion
     47      dix: avoid deferencing NULL PtrCtrl
     49Peter Hutterer (1):
     50      config/udev: consider ID_INPUT_FOO=0 as 'unset'
     52Thomas Hellstrom (3):
     53      glx: Work around a GLX_OML swap method in older dri drivers
     54      glx: Fix visual fbconfig matching with respect to swap method
     55      glx: Duplicate relevant fbconfigs for compositing visuals   
     57Tomasz Śniatowski (1):
     58      os: Fix strtok/free crash in ComputeLocalClient