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07/06/2018 05:01:49 PM (4 years ago)
Tim Tassonis


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    initial v1  
    1 CUPS 2.2.8 is a bug fix release that addresses issues in the scheduler, ipptool utility, CUPS library, and USB printer support. A detailed list of changes can be found in the change log included in the download.
     1Changes in CUPS v2.2.8
    3 Enjoy!
     4- Additional changes for the scheduler to substitute default values for invalid
     5  job attributes when running in "relaxed conformance" mode (Issue #5229)
     6- The `ipptool` program no longer checks for duplicate attributes when running
     7  in list or CSV mode (Issue #5278)
     8- Fixed builds without PAM (Issue #5283)
     9- Fixed `lpoptions` man page (Issue #5286)
     10- The `cupsCreateJob`, `cupsPrintFile2`, and `cupsPrintFiles2` APIs did not use
     11  the supplied HTTP connection (Issue #5288)
     12- Fixed another crash in the scheduler when adding an IPP Everywhere printer
     13  (Issue #5290)
     14- Added a workaround for certain web browsers that do not support multiple
     15  authentication schemes in a single response header (Issue #5289)
     16- Fixed policy limits containing the `All` operation (Issue #5296)
     17- The scheduler was always restarted after idle-exit with systemd (Issue #5297)
     18- Added a USB quirks rule for the HP LaserJet P1102 (Issue #5310)
     19- The mailto notifier did not wait for the welcome message (Issue #5312)
     20- Fixed a parsing bug in the pstops filter (Issue #5321)
     21- Documentation updates (Issue #5299, Issue #5301, Issue #5306)
     22- Localization updates (Issue #5317)
     23- The scheduler allowed environment variables to be specified in the
     24  `cupsd.conf` file (rdar://37836779, rdar://37836995, rdar://37837252,
     25  rdar://37837581)
     26- Fax queues did not support pause (p) or wait-for-dialtone (w) characters
     27  (rdar://39212256)
     28- The scheduler did not validate notify-recipient-uri values properly
     29  (rdar://40068936)
     30- The IPP parser allowed invalid group tags (rdar://40442124)
     31- Fixed a parsing bug in the new authentication code.