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New minor version.

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2018/12/14: Version 12.1.2 - Sebastien Godard (sysstat <at>

  • sadf: Fix out of bound reads security issues (CVE-2018-19416 and CVE-2018-19517) [12.0.3].
  • iostat: Add support for discard I/O statistics.
  • iostat/sar: Remove service time (svctm) metric.
  • sar/sadf: Add support for discard I/O statistics.
  • sar: Add a return code to remap_struct() function.
  • DTD and XSD documents updated.
  • sar and iostat manual pages updated.
  • Add non regression tests for XML output and improve those for JSON output.
  • sadf: Fix possible infinite loop [12.0.3].
  • Remove remap_struct() prototype from sa.h [12.0.3].
  • [Jamin]: Add a JSON parse test.
  • [Todd Walton]: Clarify sadc manual page and FAQ on using multiple -S keywords [12.0.3].
  • [Steve Kay]: Use memcpy rather than strncpy, in order to avoid truncation warning [12.0.3].
  • [Steve Kay]: Cosmetic fixes in configure file [12.0.3].
  • [Anatoly Pugachev]: Fix comment in sar.c [12.0.3].

2018/10/13: Version 12.1.1 - Sebastien Godard (sysstat <at>

  • sar: Fix wrong size for stats_huge structure [12.0.1].
  • sar/sadc/sadf: Add new HugePages metrics: HugePages_Rsvd and HugePages_Surp.
  • DTD and XSD documents updated.
  • sadf: Make it more robust to corrupted datafiles.
  • sadc: Allow to unselect activities by name.
  • Use thread-safe versions of gmtime() and localtime() functions.
  • sar: Fortify remap_struct() function [12.0.2].
  • sar: Fix timestamp format in report output [12.0.2] [11.6.6] [11.4.11].
  • sar: Make sure header lines are always displayed in report for statistics [12.0.2] [11.6.6] [11.4.11].
  • Makefile: Fix "unexpected operator" error on install [12.0.2] [11.6.6] [11.4.11].
  • sar: Fix typo in manual page [12.0.2] [11.6.6] [11.4.11].
  • New non regression tests added.
  • README file updated: Added LGTM code quality badges.
  • sar manual page updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • Cosmetic fixes.

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Fixed at revision 20922.

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