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New minor version.

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Fixed at revision 21565.

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General improvements:

  • WebAssembly build target and examples.
  • Improved forms API in both C and Java bindings.
  • Improved forms JavaScript support.
  • Create appearance streams for more form field types.
  • Fixed many bugs in ICC color management.
  • Fixed many memory leaks in error cleanup.
  • Fixed bugs in pdfwrite output.
  • Improved text extraction from LaTeX documents with math symbols.
  • Improved trace device formatting.
  • Support CBZ and CBT files larger than 2Gb.
  • Show table of contents for FB2 and XHTML documents.
  • Show embedded raster images in SVG and XHTML documents.
  • Show FB2 cover page.
  • Add option to save PDF files without encryption.
  • Add inhibit-spaces option to stext device to turn off missing space detection.
  • Simplified fz_try/fz_always/fz_catch macros.

mupdf-gl improvements:

  • Automatically open annotation editor when selecting an annotation.
  • Full page color tinting option in mupdf-gl.
  • Show/hide table of contents sections.
  • Trigger a reload with sighup.
  • Toggle spot color mode with 'e'.

mutool improvements:

  • mutool show $PDF outline -- show outline with open/closed state indicator.
  • mutool show $PDF js -- show document level javascript.
  • mutool clean -A -- create appearance streams when missing.
  • mutool clean -AA -- recreate all appearance streams.
  • mutool run docs/examples/portfolio.js -- extract embedded files from PDF document.
  • mutool run docs/examples/pdf-dejpx.js -- decompress JPEG2000 images in PDF document.
  • mutool run docs/examples/fix-s22pdf.js -- fix fonts in documents generated by S22PDF.

Significant API changes:

  • New and improved forms API.
  • Renamed -DNO_ICC to -DFZ_ENABLE_ICC=0
  • Removed fz_annot superclass. Use pdf_annot and pdf_widget directly instead.
  • Annotations and Widgets now have separate enumerators.
  • Added optional separations argument to pixmap rendering utility functions.

Various cleanups:

  • Per-function documentation comments moved to the source file.

Hopefully they will stay up to date more often than when they were hidden away in the header file.

  • Removed unused internal testing tools: mjsgen and jstest.
  • Removed TGA output support. Use one of the more common and useful PAM,

PNM, PNG, or TIFF formats instead.

  • Removed support for PDF portfolios. This work-in-progress feature was

never completed, and only worked for a small subset of files.

  • Removed support for progressive loading. This rarely used feature added

a lot of complexity and was an unending source of bugs and strange behaviour. Removing this feature has allowed us to clean up and simplify large amounts of code, and fix dozens of bugs in one fell swoop.

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Milestone: 8.59.0

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