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Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: thomas
Priority: normal Milestone: 9.0
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New point version.

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comment:1 by thomas, 5 years ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book to thomas
Status: newassigned


Adam Gołębiowski (1):
      extensions: format-security fixes in libip[6]t_icmp

Baruch Siach (5):
      ebtables: vlan: fix userspace/kernel headers collision
      xtables-monitor: fix build with older glibc
      include: fix build with kernel headers before 4.2
      xtables-monitor: fix build with musl libc
      include: extend the headers conflict workaround to in6.h

Florian Westphal (12):
      arptables-nft: use generic expression parsing function
      xtables: rename opcodes to arp_opcodes
      xtables: make all nft_parse_ helpers static
      arptables-nft: fix decoding of hlen on bigendian platforms
      tests: return-codes script is bash specific
      xtables: unify user chain add/flush for restore case
      xtables: add skip flag to objects
      xtables: add and use nft_build_cache
      xtables: add and set "implict" flag on transaction objects
      xtables: handle concurrent ruleset modifications
      tests: add test script for race-free restore
      extensions: SYNPROXY: should not be needed anymore on current kernels

Lucas Stach (1):
      xtables-legacy: add missing config.h include

Pablo Neira Ayuso (19):
      nft: add type field to builtin_table
      nft: move chain_cache back to struct nft_handle
      nft: move initialize to struct nft_handle
      xtables: constify struct builtin_table and struct builtin_chain
      extensions: libip6t_mh: fix bogus translation error
      xshared: check for maximum buffer length in add_param_to_argv()
      man: refer to iptables-translate and ip6tables
      nft: add struct nft_cache
      nft: statify nft_rebuild_cache()
      nft: add __nft_table_builtin_find()
      nft: add flush_cache()
      nft: cache table list
      nft: ensure cache consistency
      nft: keep original cache in case of ERESTART
      nft: don't skip table addition from ERESTART
      nft: don't care about previous state in ERESTART
      nft: do not retry on EINTR
      nft: reset netlink sender buffer size of socket restart
      configure: bump versions for 1.8.3 release

Phil Sutter (84):
      libiptc: Extend struct xtc_ops
      ip6tables-restore: Merge into iptables-restore.c
      ip6tables-save: Merge into iptables-save.c
      xtables: Introduce per table chain caches
      arptables: Support --set-counters option
      ebtables: Use xtables_exit_err()
      xtables: Don't use native nftables comments
      extensions: libipt_realm: Document allowed realm values
      extensions: TRACE: Point at xtables-monitor in documentation
      nft: Simplify nftnl_rule_list_chain_save()
      nft: Review unclear return points
      xtables-restore: Review chain handling
      nft: Review is_*_compatible() routines
      nft: Reduce __nft_rule_del() signature
      nft: Reduce indenting level in flush_chain_cache()
      nft: Simplify per table chain cache update
      nft: Simplify nft_rule_insert() a bit
      nft: Introduce fetch_chain_cache()
      nft: Move nft_rule_list_get() above nft_chain_list_get()
      xtables: Implement per chain rule cache
      nft: Drop nft_chain_list_find()
      xtables: Optimize flushing a specific chain
      xtables: Optimize nft_chain_zero_counters()
      tests: Extend verbose output and return code tests
      xtables: Optimize user-defined chain deletion
      xtables: Optimize list command with given chain
      xtables: Optimize list rules command with given chain
      nft: Make use of nftnl_rule_lookup_byindex()
      nft: Simplify nft_is_chain_compatible()
      nft: Simplify flush_chain_cache()
      xtables: Set errno in nft_rule_check() if chain not found
      nft: Add new builtin chains to cache immediately
      xtables: Fix position of replaced rules in cache
      utils: Add a manpage for nfbpf_compile
      xtables: Fix for inserting rule at wrong position
      xtables: Speed up chain deletion in large rulesets
      arptables-nft: Fix listing rules without target
      arptables-nft: Fix MARK target parsing and printing
      arptables-nft: Fix CLASSIFY target printing
      arptables-nft: Remove space between *cnt= and value
      arptables-nft-save: Fix position of -j option
      arptables-nft: Don't print default h-len/h-type values
      tests: shell: Add arptables-nft verbose output test
      xtables: Catch errors when zeroing rule rounters
      ebtables: Fix rule listing with counters
      nft: Fix potential memleaks in nft_*_rule_find()
      arptables-nft: Set h-type/h-length masks by default, too
      extensions: Fix arptables extension tests
      xtables: Fix for crash when comparing rules with standard target
      xtables: Fix for false-positive rule matching
      Revert "ebtables: use extrapositioned negation consistently"
      xshared: Explicitly pass target to command_jump()
      xtables-save: Fix table not found error message
      nft: Don't assume NFTNL_RULE_USERDATA holds a comment
      ebtables-nft: Support user-defined chain policies
      nft: Eliminate dead code in __nft_rule_list
      xtables: Fix error message when zeroing a non-existent chain
      xtables: Move new chain check to where it belongs
      xtables: Fix error messages in commands with rule number
      xtables: Fix error message for chain renaming
      tests: Extend return codes check by error messages
      arptables: Print space before comma and counters
      xlate-test: Support testing host binaries
      tests/shell: Support testing host binaries
      doc: Install ip{6,}tables-translate.8 manpages
      extensions: AUDIT: Document ineffective --type option
      extensions: Fix ipvs vproto parsing
      extensions: Fix ipvs vproto option printing
      extensions: Add testcase for libxt_ipvs
      extensions: connlabel: Fallback on missing connlabel.conf
      doc: Add arptables-nft man pages
      doc: Adjust arptables man pages
      doc: Add ebtables man page
      doc: Adjust ebtables man page
      xtables-legacy.8: Remove stray colon
      xtables-save: Point at existing man page in help text
      extensions: Install symlinks as such
      man: iptables-save: Add note about module autoloading
      xtables: Don't leak iter in error path of __nft_chain_zero_counters()
      tests: Fix ipt-restore/0004-restore-race_0 testcase
      xtables: Fix for explicit rule flushes
      Revert "build: don't include tests in released tarball"

Sam Banks (1):
      extensions: libxt_osf.: Typo in manpage

comment:2 by thomas, 5 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed in r21644

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Milestone: 8.59.0

Milestone renamed

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