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Reported by: Douglas R. Reno Owned by: Douglas R. Reno
Priority: normal Milestone: 9.0
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New minor version

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Notable Changes

        update ICU to 64.2 (Ujjwal Sharma) #27361
        upgrade npm to 6.9.0 (Kat Marchán) #26244
        upgrade openssl sources to 1.1.1b (Sam Roberts) #26327
        upgrade to libuv 1.28.0 (cjihrig) #27241
    events: add once method to use promises with EventEmitter (Matteo Collina) #26078
    n-api: mark thread-safe function as stable (Gabriel Schulhof) #25556
    repl: support top-level for-await-of (Shelley Vohr) #23841
    zlib: add brotli support (Anna Henningsen) #24938


    [77ed1bbea4] - benchmark: fix net-wrap-js-stream-passthrough (Rich Trott) #25273
    [a8cbe0e6d2] - benchmark: replace deprecated and eliminate var in buffer-from.js (gengjiawen) #26585
    [5249a22704] - benchmark: refactor path benchmarks (Ruben Bridgewater) #26359
    [de7db26879] - benchmark,lib: add process.hrtime.bigint benchmark (Anna Henningsen) #26381
    [c670358d7e] - (SEMVER-MINOR) benchmark,test: add brotli (Anna Henningsen) #24938
    [ff647fda13] - buffer: do not affect memory after target for utf16 write (Anna Henningsen) #26432
    [99a653e9ee] - build: make compress_json python3 compatible (Sakthipriyan Vairamani (thefourtheye)) #25582
    [1c7f6a51c4] - build: make compatible with python 3 (Sakthipriyan Vairamani (thefourtheye)) #25580
    [de268667e7] - build: remove AIX/ppc (32bit) dead code (Refael Ackermann) #25523
    [a575a410fa] - build: remove erroneous duplicate declaration from node_inspector.gypi (Refael Ackermann) #25586
    [6348d71a8a] - build: do not lint python scripts under test/fixtures (Joyee Cheung) #25639
    [7ead9af0f5] - build: add check for empty openssl-fips flag (Daniel Bevenius) #25391
    [554a4345c2] - build: fix Windows shared lib build (Richard Lau) #25166
    [ffd62b129d] - build: correct fi indentation in Makefile (Daniel Bevenius) #25107
    [5760e419d7] - build: add a space to clarify skipping crypto msg (Daniel Bevenius) #25011
    [513913c672] - build: restore running tests on Travis (Richard Lau) #26720
    [9512f3938a] - build: temporarily don't run tests on Travis (Richard Lau) #26720
    [add5141933] - build: use Xenial and gcc 6 on Travis (Richard Lau) #26720
    [9f5ad9b476] - build,deps: less warnings from V8 (Refael Ackermann) #26405
    [16a92f66a1] - child_process: truncate output when maxBuffer is exceeded (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #24951
    [274fc16178] - child_process: simplify argument handling (cjihrig) #25194
    [fce822f6e9] - child_process: ensure message sanity at source (Gireesh Punathil) #24787
    [a193a0f9dd] - child_process: spawn ignores options in case args is undefined (Eduard Bondarenko) #24913
    [4b3e9486ca] - cluster: refactor empty for in round_robin_handle.js (gengjiawen) #26560
    [fb73c06025] - cluster: improve for-loop (gengjiawen) #26336
    [b8b23a3d78] - crypto: add crypto modules to cannotUseCache (Daniel Bevenius) #25606
    [3a2814367b] - crypto: add crypto/keys to cannotUseCache (Daniel Bevenius) #25237
    [a0dc65d0ed] - crypto: update root certificates (Sam Roberts) #25113
    [4c87c1b1bc] - deps: upgrade to libuv 1.28.0 (cjihrig) #27241
    [7e5ef4a0e1] - deps: upgrade to libuv 1.27.0 (cjihrig) #26707
    [8ea22bbb88] - deps: upgrade to libuv 1.26.0 (cjihrig) #26037
    [e6275f939a] - deps: upgrade to libuv 1.25.0 (cjihrig) #25571
    [aceac0581c] - deps: patch to fix *.onion MX query on c-ares (XadillaX) #25840
    [be219bd559] - deps: update archs files for OpenSSL-1.1.1b (Sam Roberts) #26327
    [6a6aa6f038] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: add s390 asm rules for OpenSSL-1.1.1 (Shigeki Ohtsu) #25381
    [5109c4f432] - deps: add ARM64 Windows support in openssl (Shigeki Ohtsu) #26001
    [f270eeec52] - deps: openssl-1.1.1b no longer packages .gitignore (Sam Roberts) #26327
    [ebe0b05a24] - deps: upgrade openssl sources to 1.1.1b (Sam Roberts) #26327
    [bbf5373041] - deps: update OpenSSL upgrade process (Sam Roberts) #26378
    [a9c68a05d9] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: add brotli (Hackzzila) #24938
    [281b52d6ec] - deps: upgrade npm to 6.9.0 (Kat Marchán) #26244
    [d2413d630c] - deps: upgrade npm to 6.7.0 (Kat Marchán) #25804
    [e880904d22] - deps: upgrade npm to v6.5.0 (Jordan Harband) #25234
    [f91a818508] - deps: backport ICU-20575 to fix err/crasher (Steven R. Loomis) #27435
    [c7931e4438] - deps: backport ICU-20558 to fix Intl crasher (Steven R. Loomis) #27415
    [c9d0b6a9a0] - deps: update ICU to 64.2 (Ujjwal Sharma) #27361
    [391185e550] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: upgrade npm to 6.5.0 (Audrey Eschright) #24734
    [4875e881cd] - deps: upgrade to libuv 1.24.1 (cjihrig) #25078
    [74f4741b63] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: upgrade to libuv 1.24.0 (cjihrig) #24332
    [e9a9c88363] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: icu 63.1 bump (CLDR 34) (Steven R. Loomis) #23715
    [23ea7ee64b] - deps: v8, backport coverage fixes (bcoe) #26579
    [b0b73fa561] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: update archs files for OpenSSL-1.1.1a (Sam Roberts) #25381
    [56441a0900] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: fix for non GNU assembler in AIX (Shigeki Ohtsu) #25381
    [639b1d2f68] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: add only avx2 configs for OpenSSL-1.1.1 (Shigeki Ohtsu) #25381
    [f5369da047] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: fix MacOS and Win build for OpenSSL-1.1.1 (Shigeki Ohtsu) #25381
    [70a785cd9f] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: fix gyp/gypi for openssl-1.1.1 (Shigeki Ohtsu) #25381
    [0e7019ff76] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: add s390 asm rules for OpenSSL-1.1.1 (Shigeki Ohtsu) #25381
    [2d396fe058] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: upgrade openssl sources to 1.1.1a (Sam Roberts) #25381
    [ce6fec53a4] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps,tools: update and LICENSE (Hackzzila) #24938
    [b7dd0b841e] - deps,tools: include SipHash in LICENSE (Rod Vagg) #26367
    [4fcfa5a63f] - dns: fix TTL value for AAAA replies to resolveAny() (Anna Henningsen) #25187
    [2a98b9cf2f] - doc: add "tick" function name and argument description (Artur Hayrapetyan) #23551
    [93edf907ca] - (SEMVER-MINOR) doc: add documentation for brotli support (Anna Henningsen) #24938
    [7ed29fc1e8] - doc: revise breaking changes material in COLLABORATOR_GUIDE (Rich Trott) #25730
    [498edfde9b] - doc: fix http.Agent timeout option description (Luigi Pinca) #25489
    [a040a73ee3] - doc: fix file extension on ESM file example (Eric Whitebloom) #25692
    [6a2d9d192f] - doc: remove outdated s_client information in (Rich Trott) #25678
    [bb96d79a7e] - doc: clarify what dns.setResolvers() affects (Sam Roberts) #25570
    [a382932097] - doc: simplify process.binding() deprecation message (Rich Trott) #25654
    [b1a15ab4cf] - doc: add note regarding pushing release tags (Myles Borins) #25569
    [6ae41bde4d] - doc: reword stream docs to clarify that decodeStrings encodes strings (Daniel George Holz) #25468
    [13205d5805] - doc: correct my wrong note about buf.fill() (Vse Mozhet Byt) #25585
    [12fe2d30fe] - doc: add a note to buf.fill() description (Vse Mozhet Byt) #25547
    [92d0794d63] - doc: fix typo in Buffer API (H1Gdev) #25544
    [37082bd149] - doc: add Rich back to TSC list (Michael Dawson) #25535
    [5631d7a6e0] - doc: add metadata about ecdh curve options (Sam Roberts) #25502
    [5c602dabc4] - doc: add TLSSocket.isSessionReused() docs (Sam Roberts) #25423
    [07f878b0c1] - doc: fix sorting in (Vse Mozhet Byt) #25477
    [9dffc2ba0c] - doc: fix napi\_open\_callback\_scope description (Philipp Renoth) #25366
    [0c33ecb2bd] - doc: document that stream.on('close') was changed in Node 10 (Matteo Collina) #25413
    [8f0fa61406] - doc: fix the path to postMessage() (Mitar) #25332
    [3a30c87e88] - doc: update os.networkInterfaces() example (jvelezpo) #25417
    [530f005d7d] - doc: make sure that calls to .read() are looped (Matteo Collina) #25375
    [487f6536bc] - doc: add history to http.request.setTimeout() (James Bunton) #25121
    [66ab7e4a99] - doc: add clarification for exception behaviour (Michael Dawson) #25339
    [ce3cf0dffd] - doc: clarify timing of socket.connecting (Sam Roberts) #25333
    [b68d47a246] - doc: update benchmark doc (Kazushi Kitaya) #25367
    [252a696568] - doc: use lowercase for zlib (Rich Trott) #25371
    [0d3212aa5c] - doc: fix heading in cpp style guide (Kazushi Kitaya) #25303
    [8d5ac6c8ef] - doc: fix process.stdin example (Anna Henningsen) #25344
    [ef6e4f15a0] - doc: fs.mkdir('/') throws EPERM on Windows (Corey Farrell) #25340
    [fc5dc9c13e] - doc: include license for src/large_pages in LICENSE (Ujjwal Sharma) #25246
    [b76931b7e9] - doc: describe TLS session resumption (Sam Roberts) #25174
    [c84b4fb51a] - doc: link and expand --tls-cipher-list docs (Sam Roberts) #25174
    [18e0a61f91] - doc: revise "Breaking Changes to Internal Elements" (Rich Trott) #25190
    [b980fa3a21] - doc: fix NAPI typo (Philipp Renoth) #25216
    [173e5fee9d] - doc: revise "Breaking Changes and Deprecations" (Rich Trott) #25116
    [c571e9e18b] - doc: describe root cert update process (Sam Roberts) #25113
    [09a97f29df] - doc: edit LTS material in Collaborator Guide (Rich Trott) #26845
    [f52160d385] - doc: change error message to 'not defined' (Mohammed Essehemy) #26857
    [6bd33dde62] - doc: fix comma of the list in (Hang Jiang) #26838
    [889d68ce6d] - doc: remove discord community (Aymen Naghmouchi) #26830
    [ddfa756797] - doc: remove How Does LTS Work section from Collaborator Guide (Rich Trott) #26723
    [a228254d6b] - doc: condense LTS material in Collaborator Guide (Rich Trott) #26722
    [09f162b18f] - doc: add Note of options.stdio into child_process (kohta ito) #26604
    [83c2a14e08] - doc: update spawnSync() status value possibilities (Rich Trott) #26680
    [621099ebed] - doc: add ZYSzys to collaborators (ZYSzys) #26730
    [30021881f8] - doc: simplify force-push guidelines (Rich Trott) #26699
    [1e6faf9ee0] - doc: note about DNS ANY queries / RFC 8482 (Thomas Hunter II) #26695
    [fc3552305a] - doc: simplify Troubleshooting text (Rich Trott) #26652
    [983ea7f3e0] - doc: update copy/paste error message in Troubleshooting (Rich Trott) #26652
    [c07619d581] - doc: add Gireesh to TSC (Rich Trott) #26657
    [07ded7c975] - doc: edit "Technical How-To" section of guide (Rich Trott) #26601
    [0a976ecb63] - doc: fix misleading sentence in (Luigi Pinca) #26465
    [f30172fa25] - doc: fix typo in (TJKoury) #26616
    [4fed47ab79] - doc: edit "Using git-node" section of Guide (Rich Trott) #26580
    [033d49c1f4] - doc: add version for http.createServer() options addition (Ben Swinburne) #25001
    [d4a1d79e3d] - doc: add inspector API example for heapdump (Sam Roberts) #26498
    [72f0efc1f2] - doc: edit Landing Pull Requests (Rich Trott) #26536
    [132a457ed4] - doc: add decode() & encode() methods into (ZYSzys) #23889
    [74dac5913d] - doc: update partner communities link in (Beth Griggs) #26475
    [5279a884cc] - doc: fix nits in (Vse Mozhet Byt) #26543
    [11d163b439] - doc: edit "Involving the TSC" (Rich Trott) #26481
    [5fedf0f257] - doc: add guidance on console output in tests (Sam Roberts) #26456
    [40657859ca] - doc: add caveat and tradeoff example to readline (Vse Mozhet Byt) #26472
    [77eae4ecd6] - doc: fix the example implementation of MemoryRetainer (Joyee Cheung) #26262
    [aa49bf53f2] - doc: clarify http.Agent constructor options (Luigi Pinca) #26412
    [a562aba84c] - doc: hello addon example should return "world" (Geir Hauge) #26328
    [b450ee28e3] - doc: fix up N-API support matrix (Michael Dawson) #26377
    [3ff7c631a6] - doc: edit deprecation identifier info in Collaborator Guide (Rich Trott) #26372
    [8d22048756] - doc: update LICENSE file (Thomas Leah) #24898
    [e05eb3e041] - (SEMVER-MINOR) doc: fix assembler requirement for OpenSSL-1.1.1 (Shigeki Ohtsu) #25381
    [ecae7275bd] - doc: fix REPLACEME for tls min/max protocol option (Sam Roberts) #24759
    [1ae6853015] - doc,n-api: update matrix for N-API version 4 (Richard Lau)
    [98193d1d4d] - doc,tools: updates for 6.x End-of-Life (Richard Lau) #27658
    [25d73aa187] - domain: avoid circular memory references (Anna Henningsen) #25993
    [46a816fa00] - events: show inspected error in uncaught 'error' message (Anna Henningsen) #25621
    [aca5ed5563] - events: simplify stack compare function (Ruben Bridgewater) #24744
    [064511ec4b] - (SEMVER-MINOR) events: add once method to use promises with EventEmitter (Matteo Collina) #26078
    [e1f293c7a1] - events: improve for-loop (gengjiawen) #26354
    [cb0fc6520a] - events: onceWrapper returns target value (himself65) #25818
    [af301b2821] - fs: fix infinite loop with async recursive mkdir on Windows (Richard Lau) #27207
    [3516a2735f] - (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: default open/openSync flags argument to 'r' (Ben Noordhuis) #23767
    [ae465f6fc4] - (SEMVER-MINOR) fs,net: standardize pending stream property (Anna Henningsen) #24067
    [ced7f67fbb] - http: make ClientRequest#setTimeout() noop at end (Tim De Pauw) #25536
    [33a9d17733] - http: reuse noop function in socketOnError() (cjihrig) #25566
    [378d4f18f1] - http: remove unused variable in _http_server.js (gengjiawen) #26407
    [cb88c58e42] - http: check for existance in resetHeadersTimeoutOnReqEnd (Matteo Collina) #26402
    [277271c4a9] - http: send connection: close when closing conn (Yann Hamon) #26467
    [decba1c59b] - http2: allow fully synchronous \_final() (Anna Henningsen) #25609
    [ba6829d1b8] - http2: add test case for goaway (Anto Aravinth) #24054
    [91b1b2cf84] - http2: delete unused enum in node_http2.h (gengjiawen) #26704
    [59b348e0e4] - http2: Http2ServerResponse.end() should always return self (Robert Nagy) #24346
    [32b83eaf38] - http2: refactor deprecated method in core.js (gengjiawen) #26275
    [cc25f22094] - http2: improve compatibility with http/1 (Sagi Tsofan) #23908
    [4f60364201] - (SEMVER-MINOR) http2: add Http2Stream.bufferSize (Ouyang Yadong) #23711
    [b7b08d1009] - https: add missing localPort while create socket (leeight) #24554
    [66ca795028] - inspector: print all listening addresses (Ben Noordhuis) #26008
    [cbc428c803] - inspector, test: verify reported console message (Eugene Ostroukhov) #25455
    [73230cc2c8] - (SEMVER-MINOR) lib: support overriding http\s.globalAgent (Roy Sommer) #25170
    [ec90cefdd9] - lib: simplify several debug() calls (cjihrig) #25241
    [43f41beff2] - (SEMVER-MINOR) lib: enable TypedArray and DataView for the v8 module (Ouyang Yadong) #23953
    [bda45a5cfe] - (SEMVER-MINOR) lib: add escapeCodeTimeout as an option to createInterface (Raoof) #19780
    [81cf2b450d] - lib,test: remove lib/internal/test/unicode.js (Rich Trott) #25298
    [a49bd36a1a] - module: revert module._compile to original state if module is patched (Ujjwal Sharma) #21573
    [590e8d37e9] - module: use compileFunction over Module.wrap (Ujjwal Sharma) #21573
    [0dc6f03873] - (SEMVER-MINOR) module: support multi-dot file extension (Geoffrey Booth) #23416
    [2643801d9d] - n-api: improve performance creating strings (Anthony Tuininga) #26439
    [b5588daef0] - n-api: finalize during second-pass callback (Gabriel Schulhof) #25992
    [48a5241b46] - (SEMVER-MINOR) n-api: mark thread-safe function as stable (Gabriel Schulhof) #25556
    [f17b61e071] - net: check for close on stream, not parent (David Halls) #25026
    [eef2debcc7] - os: implement os.release() using uv_os_uname() (cjihrig) #25600
    [d4688485b5] - os: use uv_os_gethostname() in hostname() (cjihrig) #25111
    [ff3d977f04] - perf_hooks: clean up GC listeners (Anna Henningsen) #25647
    [45481bce63] - querystring: remove eslint-disable (cjihrig) #24995
    [d3f15b0ffb] - (SEMVER-MINOR) readline: add support for async iteration (Timothy Gu) #23916
    [2f1ad8efbd] - repl: improve doc for disabling REPL history on Windows (Samuel D. Leslie) #25672
    [b061a08cab] - repl: indicate if errors are thrown or not (Ruben Bridgewater) #25253
    [ef767a28b2] - repl: eliminate var in function _memory (gengjiawen) #26496
    [600929d4f8] - repl: simplify regex expression (gengjiawen) #26496
    [1080a1af3d] - repl: remove redundant escape (gengjiawen) #26496
    [b9188d473b] - (SEMVER-MINOR) repl: support top-level for-await-of (Shelley Vohr) #23841
    [b9ea23c0ed] - src: add WeakReference utility (Anna Henningsen) #25993
    [57469e62d9] - src: extract common sockaddr creation code (Daniel Bevenius) #26070
    [bc5e04b5f7] - src: fix race condition in \~NodeTraceBuffer (Anna Henningsen) #25896
    [51ec21cb17] - src: remove unused field in node_http2.h (gengjiawen) #25727
    [550af6d72f] - src: remove unnecessary call to SSL_get_mode (Sam Roberts) #25711
    [b31035d0b3] - src: fix macro duplicate declaration in env.h (gengjiawen) #25703
    [cd4a932af3] - src: remove outdated Neuter() call in node\ (Anna Henningsen) #25479
    [883d61c7ae] - src: trace_events: fix race with metadata events (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #25235
    [7655253251] - src: remove unused method declaration (Ben Noordhuis) #25329
    [f5e4a1e9d8] - src: remove unused variable from string_search.h (Anna Henningsen) #25139
    [5d5ac23bb7] - src: do not leak NodeTraceStateObserver (Anna Henningsen) #25180
    [870549b8ac] - src: port GetLoadedLibraries for freebsd (Gireesh Punathil) #25106
    [74b034fe94] - src: schedule destroy hooks in BeforeExit early during bootstrap (Joyee Cheung) #25020
    [42c26a6afb] - src: remove unused variable in class InspectorSocketServer (gengjiawen) #26633
    [84db29c93b] - src: remove usage of deprecated IsNearDeath (Michaël Zasso) #26630
    [4274542a39] - (SEMVER-MINOR) src: deprecate AddPromiseHook() (Anna Henningsen) #26529
    [479ef60013] - src: remove redundant cast in util-inl.h (gengjiawen) #26410
    [44f62607a1] - src: remove redundant cast in string_search.h (gengjiawen) #26426
    [dc9f1c60e2] - src: remove unused function in (gengjiawen) #26429
    [e418b4f650] - src: fix if indent in (gengjiawen) #26396
    [0bff833df9] - src: remove unused struct in (gengjiawen) #26284
    [281eb0f928] - src: extra-semi warning in node_platform.h (Jeremy Apthorp) #26330
    [0fa3a512c1] - src: reduce to simple const char\* in OptionsParser (ZYSzys) #26297
    [44fd3a2fce] - src: remove already elevated Isolate namespce (Juan José Arboleda) #26294
    [5cd96b367b] - src: avoid race condition in tracing code (Anna Henningsen) #25624
    [452b6aad5a] - src: remove redundant cast in PipeWrap::Fchmod (gengjiawen) #26242
    [55d3be7e9e] - src: simplify native immediate by using v8::Global (Anna Henningsen) #26254
    [a92286d6da] - src: ensure no more platform foreground tasks after Deinit (Clemens Hammacher) #25653
    [f4be1767a5] - src: dispose of V8 platform in process.exit() (Anna Henningsen) #25061
    [c2dab8e642] - (SEMVER-MINOR) src,test: add public wrapper for Environment::GetCurrent (Shelley Vohr) #23676
    [99c555a1de] - stream: ensure writable.destroy() emits error once (Luigi Pinca) #26057
    [a1b253a416] - (SEMVER-MINOR) stream: add auto-destroy mode (Mathias Buus) #22795
    [cda0d16414] - test: unskip copyfile permission test (cjihrig) #27241
    [1fc2c5bed1] - test: move known issue test to parallel (cjihrig) #27241
    [57eb6b2129] - test: fix error code typo (cjihrig) #27024
    [ec02117232] - test: add fs.watchFile() + worker.terminate() test (Anna Henningsen) #21179
    [f76776b354] - test: update test for libuv update (cjihrig) #26707
    [7b76acb6c8] - test: fix expectation in test-bootstrap-modules (Myles Borins) #27727
    [583dc5f42c] - test: add known_issues test for fs.copyFile() (Rich Trott) #26939
    [d22b9130a2] - test: add test about unencrypted PKCS#8 private key for RSA (Daiki Ihara) #26898
    [38d85623bd] - test: use assert.rejects() and assert.throws() (Richard Lau) #27207
    [4733a56caf] - test: move tick.js from test/async-hooks to test/common (Artur Hayrapetyan) #23551
    [fe21dd39c3] - test: mark some known flakes (Refael Ackermann) #27225
    [3ca5f23ea7] - test: fix zlib-brotli output assumptions (Adam Majer) #25697
    [1afd614104] - test: rewrite fs {f}utimes test file (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #25656
    [48505d8321] - test: remove unused uncaughtException handler (Anna Henningsen) #25641
    [301f5fb32e] - test: fix sequential/test-performance delay (Anatoli Papirovski) #25695
    [52d321d836] - test: remove common.isOSXMojave (Rich Trott) #25658
    [6ba4ac007a] - test: remove known_issues/test-cluster-bind-privileged-port (Rich Trott) #25649
    [5d69e69b38] - test: fix pummel/test-exec (Rich Trott) #25677
    [710f650032] - test: add stdio checks to cp-exec-maxBuffer (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #24951
    [fbf8e60679] - test: revoke flaky designation for tests (Gireesh Punathil) #25611
    [554b562d2b] - test: remove potential race condition in https renegotiation test (Rich Trott) #25601
    [b27e3c8b89] - test: replace common.PORT with 0 in https renegotiation test (Rich Trott) #25599
    [faf1a18640] - test: changed function to arrow function (yathamravali) #25441
    [7bae3d841b] - test: use stronger curves for keygen (Daniel Bevenius) #25564
    [b4b4c117fd] - test: relax chunk count expectations (Gireesh Punathil) #25415
    [6b6c628b02] - test: improve code coverage for i18n (Michael Dawson) #25428
    [d5316e0a1b] - test: use fipsMode instead of common.hasFipsCrypto (Daniel Bevenius) #25510
    [48482b02f8] - test: do not use uninitialized memory in common flags check (Anna Henningsen) #25475
    [3e9d9927ee] - test: prepare test-hash-seed for CI (Rich Trott) #25522
    [1592ebd652] - test: refactor min() in test-hash-seed (Rich Trott) #25522
    [f4da641c31] - test: add check for wrk to test-keep-alive (Rich Trott) #25516
    [3fcc44d46d] - test: fix test-repl timeout and tmpdir refresh (Brian White) #25425
    [e5b305d4fe] - test: refactor pummel/test-net-pingpong (Rich Trott) #25485
    [47cf1a2f70] - test: refactor pummel/test-net-many-clients (Rich Trott) #25485
    [017b99a881] - test: refactor pummel/test-net-connect-econnrefused (Rich Trott) #25485
    [e3437131b6] - test: refactor pummel/test-keep-alive (Rich Trott) #25485
    [1b6dfac1f0] - test: add test for fs.lchmod (ZYSzys) #25439
    [0a80e61e0f] - test: rework ephemeralkeyinfo to run in parallel (Sam Roberts) #25409
    [266a07d09d] - test: check for tls renegotiation errors (Sam Roberts) #25437
    [8bebbd6ec1] - test: fix test-net-connect-econnrefused (again) (Rich Trott) #25438
    [d2df34d870] - test: remove unnecessary skipIfWorker() (Rich Trott) #25427
    [9833bffaca] - test: improve test coverage of native crypto code (Tobias Nießen) #25400
    [c8153ce411] - test: move require('https') to after crypto check (Daniel Bevenius) #25388
    [05f9873de4] - test: fix test-net-connect-econnrefused (Rich Trott) #25389
    [771213ad18] - test: remove test/pummel/test-http-client-reconnect-bug.js (Rich Trott) #25387
    [82dd321e91] - test: refactor test-fs-watch-non-recursive (Rich Trott) #25386
    [82bc4ac226] - test: fix test/pummel/test-fs-watch-non-recursive.js (Rich Trott) #25386
    [af2d22a804] - test: fix test/pummel/test-fs-watch-file.js (Rich Trott) #25384
    [95f311c664] - test: fix test/pummel/test-fs-largefile.js (Rich Trott) #25372
    [c103e98ad6] - test: more tests for internal/util/types (ZYSzys) #25225
    [4a22299bb2] - test: tune test-uv-threadpool-schedule (Rich Trott) #25358
    [26165ac1b6] - test: remove redundant fchmod test (ZYSzys) #25282
    [f58dbb35b1] - test: move test-tls-securepair-client out of pummel (Rich Trott) #25222
    [26b69fd050] - test: fix test-tls-securepair-client (Rich Trott) #25222
    [374a07d4a7] - test: http2 origin length ERR_HTTP2_ORIGIN_LENGTH (Furqan Shaikh) #25296
    [acd6915299] - test: fix test-benchmark-zlib (Rich Trott) #25365
    [8a4fe98ec9] - test: set umask explicitly (Thomas Chung) #25213
    [d9aa19f98e] - test: make sure tmpdir is created before using it (Joyee Cheung) #25224
    [4155b7431a] - test: remove unused --expose-native-as V8 flag (peterwmwong) #25275
    [5095d6cb70] - test: mark test-util-callbackify flaky on AIX (Rich Trott) #25284
    [9eb677b21f] - test: slightly refactor test-child-process-execsync (Denys Otrishko) #25227
    [fcc03c1d44] - test: remove try/catch in common.isMainThread (Rich Trott) #25249
    [d44a93ad94] - test: regression test for uv threadpool congestion (Gireesh Punathil) #23099
    [0fe72b88a0] - test: mark two tests as flaky in AIX (Gireesh Punathil) #25126
    [19ed5c7428] - test: refactor stdio handling in test-esm-cjs-main (Richard Lau) #25169
    [5f72f393f5] - test: refactor test-esm-namespace.mjs (Rich Trott) #25117
    [6014b476c3] - test: fix test-tls-session-timeout (Rich Trott) #25188
    [facf36e6df] - test: mark test-trace-events-api-worker-disabled flaky (Rich Trott) #25197
    [8d791ab001] - test: remove Files: comment processing from Python test runner (Rich Trott) #25183
    [424f254e15] - test: add hasCrypto check to common flags check (Daniel Bevenius) #25147
    [ead4bb6fb5] - test: verify input flags (Ruben Bridgewater) #24876
    [1ff2f4b6a7] - test: add signal check to test-esm-cjs-main (Rich Trott) #25073
    [20980a3a28] - (SEMVER-MINOR) test: test TLS client authentication (Sam Roberts) #24733
    [f015eec2ba] - test: complete console.assert() coverage (Rich Trott) #26827
    [9ca4ce3cc3] - test: fix test-console-stdio-setters to test setters (Rich Trott) #26796
    [44660c1757] - test: optimize test-http2-large-file (Rich Trott) #26737
    [8855395a19] - test: fix test case in test-http2-respond-file-304.js (gengjiawen) #26565
    [4378042452] - test: use semicolon for clarity (gengjiawen) #26566
    [7f3b27fa4a] - test: fix test by removing node-inspect/lib/_inspect (Ruben Bridgewater) #26619
    [6bc7fd9b3c] - test: fix compiler warning in test_string.c (Daniel Bevenius) #26539
    [f0acdfd445] - test: mark test-worker-prof as Flaky on ARM (Refael Ackermann) #26557
    [cc0bb02e86] - test: rewrite ocsp test to run in parallel (Sam Roberts) #26460
    [ee9694668b] - test: improve code coverage in timers (Juan José Arboleda) #26310
    [60880d79a5] - test: remove flaky designation for test_threadsafe_function (Rich Trott) #26403
    [6d4731e46e] - test: improve test coverage in perf_hooks (Juan José Arboleda) #26290
    [7d6afb3dbf] - test: remove duplicated buffer negative allocation test (ZYSzys) #26160
    [dcf1310351] - test: only inspect on failure (Ruben Bridgewater) #26360
    [a87c605e1c] - test: remove s_client from test-tls-ci-reneg-attack (Rich Trott) #25700
    [3fab8be211] - test: replace Google servers with localhost (Rich Trott) #25694
    [7cceecfd52] - test: increase error information in test-cli-syntax-* (Rich Trott) #25021
    [92792f04be] - test: split test-cli-syntax into multiple tests (Rich Trott) #24922
    [fe8e07ddd9] - (SEMVER-MINOR) test: assert on client and server side seperately (Sam Roberts) #25381
    [26288c8ab7] - test: fix module loading error for AIX 7.1 (Richard Lau) #25418
    [38c9d2bfea] - test: add missing tmpdir.refresh() in recently-added test (Rich Trott) #25098
    [3eab58f3ed] - test,console: add testing for monkeypatching of console stdio (Rich Trott) #26561
    [2319bc55ca] - (SEMVER-MINOR) tls: make tls.connect() accept a timeout option (Luigi Pinca) #25517
    [858a42e4ce] - tls: do not confuse TLSSocket and Socket (Sam Roberts) #25153
    [8dd8033519] - (SEMVER-MINOR) tls: workaround handshakedone in renegotiation (Shigeki Ohtsu) #25381
    [d3ebad2d6d] - (SEMVER-MINOR) tls: add min/max protocol version options (Sam Roberts) #24405
    [e01f3d362a] - tools: add 12.x to alternative docs versions (Richard Lau) #27658
    [0fd4b35336] - tools: update LICENSE and tools/icu/current_ver.dep (Ujjwal Sharma) #27361
    [c6a2be2d68] - tools: make Queue part Python 3 compatible (gengjiawen) #25701
    [40f5d15468] - tools: make Python 3 compatible (Sakthipriyan Vairamani (thefourtheye)) #25584
    [f8800c90b1] - tools: improve valgrind support (Anna Henningsen) #25498
    [b8b585376e] - tools: update ESLint to 5.12.1 (cjihrig) #25573
    [e6d1eb3f77] - tools: lint for use of internalBinding() (cjihrig) #25395
    [21500a81fc] - tools: update crypo check rule (cjihrig) #25399
    [a254b930f5] - tools: add openssl-cli to (Daniel Bevenius) #25385
    [21dc7cc3ac] - tools: update ESLint to 5.12.0 (cjihrig) #25347
    [225dfed85f] - tools: replace NULL with nullptr (Juan José Arboleda) #25179
    [b7095ba764] - tools: enable no-useless-catch lint rule (cjihrig) #25236
    [0098cde626] - tools: update ESLint to 5.11.1 (cjihrig) #25236
    [629fb36dce] - tools: update ESLint to 5.11.0 (cjihrig) #25191
    [6e329a8dac] - tools: update certdata.txt (Sam Roberts) #25113
    [3445080c33] - tools: tidy function arguments in eslint rules (Rich Trott) #26668
    [700df16a04] - tools: update to mdast-util-to-hast v3.0.2 (Sam Ruby) #22140
    [6586003bfe] - tools: fix --shell (Yang Guo) #26449
    [481929653e] - tools: roll inspector_protocol to f67ec5 (Pavel Feldman) #26303
    [416aa6e4e7] - tools: update extend to 3.0.2 (Rich Trott) #26392
    [d4a8769b31] - tools: remove unneeded .gitignore entries (Rich Trott) #26370
    [3ded3df714] - (SEMVER-MINOR) tools, icu: actually failover if there are multiple URLs (Steven R. Loomis) #23715
    [437a90cfe4] - trace_events: remove usage of require('util') (dnlup) #26822
    [4285b57e78] - (SEMVER-MINOR) tty: add hasColors function (Ruben Bridgewater) #26247
    [3f51a60092] - url: return backslashes from fileURLToPath on win (Kevin Smith) #25349
    [ca4f0dbec1] - (SEMVER-MINOR) url: support LF, CR and TAB in pathToFileURL (Charles Samborski) #23720
    [65392be665] - util: fixes type in argument type validation error (Ankur Oberoi) #25103
    [4e2ceba908] - util: fix util.inspect with proxied function (Weijia Wang) #25244
    [5dd31bcf07] - util: simplify code (Kazushi Kitaya) #25162
    [3f281b2d70] - util: remove todo (Ruben Bridgewater) #24982
    [d9d31e8d51] - (SEMVER-MINOR) vm: allow cachedData to also be TypedArray|DataView (Benjamin Chen) #22921
    [91c4d280f4] - win, build: fix building addons on Windows (Bartosz Sosnowski) #25108
    [680ef36675] - win,build: update Windows build documentation (Jon Kunkee) #25995
    [fa74b3eb03] - win,build: scope NASM warning to only x64 and x86 (Jon Kunkee) #25995
    [7e89684b8c] - win,build: add ARM64 sections to common.gypi (Jon Kunkee) #25995
    [103635c23b] - win,build: add ARM64 support to vcbuild.bat (Jon Kunkee) #25995
    [a762907f8e] - win,build: add arbitrary and binlog options (Jon Kunkee) #25994
    [53e9c8508c] - (SEMVER-MINOR) zlib: add brotli support (Anna Henningsen) #24938
    [dd8d1dabd7] - zlib: split JS code as prep for non-zlib-backed streams (Anna Henningsen) #24939

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r21713

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