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New minor version.

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Changes in libsoup from 2.68.0 to 2.68.1:

  • Several memory leaks fixed in tests, examples, and parsing code
  • SoupServer: Fixes to Windows path handling

Changes in libsoup from 2.67.93 to 2.68.0:

  • Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Friulian, Italian, Turkish

Changes in libsoup from 2.67.92 to 2.67.93:

  • SoupMessage: Handle Transfer-Encoding: identity for compatibility reasons
  • WebSockets: Only poll IO stream when needed
  • WebSockets: Properly set cookies received during handshake
  • WebSockets: Plug a couple of memory leaks and fix a few read-after-free memory errors
  • WebSockets: document how web socket extensions should treat buffers in case of error
  • SoupSession: Don't reset user GCancellable internally
  • Tests: Make tests installable
  • Remove deprecate GTimeVal internal usage
  • CI: increase coverage by enabling all features during testing
  • Updated translations: Korean, German, Galician, Hungarian, Slovenian, Latvian, Finnish, Serbian, Catalan, Polish

Changes in libsoup from 2.67.91 to 2.67.92:

  • Silence GTimeVal deprecation warnings.
  • API documentation and annotation fixes
  • Plug a couple of NTLM authentication memory leaks
  • Fix build in SmartOS/SunOS
  • Meson: Use feature options
  • Meson: Do not fallback to system krb5-config for cross-compilation
  • NTLM: Fix build with NTLM enabled
  • Updated translations: Basque, Czech, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Swedish

Changes in libsoup from 2.67.90 to 2.67.91:

  • HSTS: New API to retrieve information about existing HSTS policies
  • Updated translations: French, Romanian, Spanish

Changes in libsoup from 2.67.3 to 2.67.90a:

  • WebSockets: add support for WebSocket extensions via new SoupWebsocketExtensionManager and SoupWebsocketExtension API
  • WebSockets: add support for the permessage-deflate extension, enabled by default in SoupServer and in the client side only if SoupWebsocketExtensionManager is added to a session
  • WebSockets: Allow sending close frames with no body
  • WebSockets: ignore messages after close has been sent and received
  • Meson: tls-check improved
  • Meson: improve Apache checks

Changes in libsoup from 2.67.2 to 2.67.3:

  • WebSockets: allow sending empty binary data
  • WebSockets: fail and load the connection on invalid payload length
  • WebSockets: allow NULL characters in text messages
  • WebSockets: Close connection on wrongly masked/unmasked frame as per RFC
  • WebSockets: other code fixes
  • NTLM: Fix NTLMv2 authentication
  • SoupMessage: fix several deprecation warnings related to private data

Changes in libsoup from 2.67.1 to 2.67.2:

  • gobject-introspection: Fix annotation for soup_auth_new()
  • brotli: Do not advertise the decoder as it's failing with some websites
  • Meson: Fix xml2 and sqlite fallbacks
  • HSTS: Add SoupHSTSEnforcer:hsts-enforced signal
  • HSTS: Fixes to the types used to store policies in the SQLite storage
  • HSTS: Accept Strict-Transport-Security regardless of casing
  • WebSockets: Ensure messages finishes when handshake fails
  • WebSockets: Fix critical warnings and test failures

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 22138.

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