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New minor version.

Some of these gnome packages sure do dribble out a lot later the the main set of packages.

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Evince 3.34.0


  • Add release information to AppData


  • fix swapped y-coordinates when adding annotations
  • casefold search text in case insensitive search
  • Fix warning if page cannot be rendered
  • check for Poppler 0.76.0 for ignoreDiacritics feature
  • Handle failure from TIFFReadRGBAImageOriented


  • Bump required glib version to 2.38.0
  • Bump requirement of meson version
  • Include "evince" in .desktop keywords
  • Disable gtk-doc when building flatpak package
  • build gtk-doc by default on meson
  • Fix GtkDoc documentation generation


  • Disable unnecessary poppler options
  • Update libgxps to version 0.3.1
  • Update poppler to 0.79.0
  • Use https for poppler-data url
  • add gnome-desktop dependency
  • disable evince's thumbnailer
  • disable introspection and gtk-doc
  • disable unnecessary libgxps files
  • remove enchant2 module
  • remove openjpeg module


  • Dropdown in Print dialog is called 'Two-sided', not 'Two-side'
  • Fix meson build with shell disabled
  • No more 'File > Print' menu in 3.32
  • Stop translating screenshots with no text
  • Synchronize repetitive strings. Less work for translators.
  • Synchronize repetitive strings. Less work for translators.
  • Synchronize repetitive strings. Less work for translators.
  • Update annotation screenshot to not contain any text
  • Update localized print-select screenshots
  • Update localized reverse-collate screenshots
  • Update zoom dropdown screenshot to not include localizable content
  • Update German screen-shots
  • Remove numerous ancient outdated localized screenshots

libdocument and shell:

  • Add transfer annotation for ev_document_get_info
  • Remove use of deprecated g_type_class_add_private function
  • fix get_backend_info_for_mime_type for macOS and Windows
  • disconnect notify::document signal in finalize
  • fix adding annotations from dbl/tpl click selections
  • disable "annotate-selected-text" action
  • prevent NULL metadata being passed
  • Removing ellipsis property.
  • Schedule the window destroy in case of events waiting
  • don't start render job until realized
  • prevent multiple fullscreen toolbar timeouts
  • remember unmaximized window size
  • fix popup
  • protect against NULL var reaching strcmp


  • Update yaml to use GNOME extensions
  • Updated to build with meson
  • Updated to build with meson
  • Updated to use core18 and newer GNOME platform


  • Disable debug output
  • Update LZMA SDK


comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 22216.

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