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Using librsvg-2.46.1 requires at least rustc-1.36.0. The current version is 1.38.0 but that fails to build thunderbird-68.

Current build tests with rustc-1.37.0:

librsvg-2.46.1 ok

firefox-68.1.0esr (with the 68 patch for system graphite1 and harfbuzz) ok

firefox-69.0.2 (with the 69 patch) ok

Test builds of the other possible users to follow.

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comment:1 by ken@…, 4 years ago

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comment:2 by ken@…, 4 years ago

Thunderbird-68.1.1 : in the end I managed to build it after using space on a drive instead of in /tmp. Using a mozconfig which matched the book when I last checked, and using CC=gcc CXX=g++ the build directory totalled 9.6GB plus 148MB for the DESTDIR (on BLFS-9.0 with upgraded rustc).

I will also mention that understanding mach build failures is unpleasant - an Error at the end of the output saying it failed to compile gkrust, but nothing obvious before that. There was a '[E' message much earlier, but that was just a warning. Retrying after the failure using ./mach build -j1 eventually showed that /tmp was full.

comment:3 by ken@…, 4 years ago

I'd already built current cbindgen with 1.37.0, but retested and it built ok.

Checking firefox-68.1.0-esr, it built fine and space was similar to 69.0.

comment:4 by Tim Tassonis, 4 years ago

I now upgraded to 1.37.0, built cbindgen with it and started building Thunderbird-68.1.2. So far, it looks good, I think I'm already past the rust stuff. Will update you when I'm done.

comment:5 by Tim Tassonis, 4 years ago

Finished my build, and can confirm that thunderbird-68.1.2 builds fine with rustc 1.37.0, under current instructions.

in reply to:  5 comment:6 by ken@…, 4 years ago

Replying to timtas:

Finished my build, and can confirm that thunderbird-68.1.2 builds fine with rustc 1.37.0, under current instructions.


comment:7 by ken@…, 4 years ago

Just for the record, I'm commenting the part about failures with gdb. I didn't have that installed when I built 1.37.0 but I did have it when I tried 1.38.0 and both had identical failures.

The new failure since 1.35.0 is run-make-fulldeps/linker-output-non-utf8. On one of my builds I accidentally failed to create config.toml and did a long, hugh, build. That test was the only failure on that build, but oddly the status from the tests was 0 (normally 1). This has been documented in and apparently it will be removed in future versions - but I don't have confidence in their conclusion since for me sh clearly is recent bash.

comment:8 by ken@…, 4 years ago

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Fixed, r22245.

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