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New version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Patch 350 - 2019/11/02

  • modify html/svg dump to not ignore zero'd/blank cells.
  • align terminfo file with ncurses, e.g., add xterm+osc104 block.
  • improve discussion of modifyOtherKeys in manual page and in
  • add vttests/ script to illustrate the modifyOtherKeys resource.
  • various improvements to, as part of autogenerating links for the website.
  • update manual page default for saveLines resource default value.
  • add command-line option -report-xres to show the values of the VT100 widget X resources when initialization is complete.
  • add a control sequence which, like tcap-query, allows an application to inspect most X resource settings of the VT100 widget.
  • adjust some optional features to enable them in the imake configuration as they would be by default via the configure script.
  • add null-pointer checks to improve error recovery when bitmap fonts are missing or corrupt.
  • correct the condition for deleting the EWMH window-title property, i.e., if UTF-8 titles are disabled, rather than if an update to the EWHM property found no change.
  • build-fix for the case when configure --enable-trace is used without --enable-warnings.
  • fix a few minor bugs found with Coverity.
  • add a check in property_to_string to avoid translating UTF8_STRING or COMPOUND_TEXT into Latin-1 when UTF-8 encoding is active, e.g., when pushing onto the title-stack while switching to the alternate screen.
  • build-fix for the --disable-doublechars configure option

comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 22348.

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