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Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: Douglas R. Reno
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New point version.

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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 2 years ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book to Douglas R. Reno
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comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 2 years ago

2020-06-17, Version 12.18.1 'Erbium' (LTS), @codebytere
Notable Changes

        V8: cherry-pick 548f6c81d424 (Dominykas Blyžė) #33484
        update to uvwasi 0.0.9 (Colin Ihrig) #33445
        upgrade to libuv 1.38.0 (Colin Ihrig) #33446
        upgrade npm to 6.14.5 (Ruy Adorno) #33239


    [ba93c8d87d] - async_hooks: clear async_id_stack for terminations in more places (Anna Henningsen) #33347
    [964adfafa5] - buffer: improve copy() performance (Nikolai Vavilov) #33214
    [af95bd70bd] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 548f6c81d424 (Dominykas Blyžė) #33484
    [5c7176bf90] - deps: update to uvwasi 0.0.9 (Colin Ihrig) #33445
    [402aa1b840] - deps: upgrade to libuv 1.38.0 (Colin Ihrig) #33446
    [4d6f56a76a] - deps: upgrade npm to 6.14.5 (Ruy Adorno) #33239
    [98a7026311] - doc: document module.path (Antoine du Hamel) #33323
    [9572701705] - doc: add multiple constants example (Ethan Arrowood) #33281
    [7d8a226958] - doc: fix typos in handle scope descriptions (Tobias Nießen) #33267
    [0c9b826ef8] - doc: update function description for decipher.setAAD (Jonathan Buhacoff) #33095
    [4749156f4b] - doc: add comment about highWaterMark limit (Benjamin Gruenbaum) #33432
    [a48aeb3f74] - doc: clarify about the Node.js-only extensions in perf_hooks (Joyee Cheung) #33199
    [a9ed287f00] - doc: fix extension in esm example (Gus Caplan) #33408
    [d2897a2836] - doc: enhance guides by fixing and making grammar more consistent (Chris Holland) #33152
    [3d8ba292e2] - doc: add examples for implementing ESM (unknown) #33168
    [318fcf8188] - doc: add note about clientError writable handling (Paolo Insogna) #33308
    [30c9cb556f] - doc: fix typo in (Daniel Bevenius) #33319
    [9dde1db332] - doc: add warning for socket.connect reuse (Robert Nagy) #33204
    [0c7cf24431] - doc: correct description of decipher.setAuthTag in (Jonathan Buhacoff)
    [59619b0c9a] - doc: mention python3-distutils dependency in (osher) #33174
    [0cee4c3eae] - doc: removed unnecessary util imports from vm examples (Karol Walasek) #33179
    [903862089b] - doc: update Buffer(size) documentation (Nikolai Vavilov) #33198
    [8b44be9b26] - doc: add Uint8Array to end and write (Pranshu Srivastava) #33217
    [4a584200f8] - doc: specify unit of time passed to fs.utimes (Simen Bekkhus) #33230
    [ad7a890597] - doc: add troubleshooting guide for AsyncLocalStorage (Andrey Pechkurov) #33248
    [2262962ab7] - doc: remove AsyncWrap mentions from (Andrey Pechkurov) #33249
    [ac5cdd682a] - doc: add warnings about transferring Buffers and ArrayBuffer (James M Snell) #33252
    [033bc96ec1] - doc: update napi_async_init documentation (Michael Dawson) #33181
    [ea3a68f74f] - doc: doc and test URLSearchParams discrepancy (James M Snell) #33236
    [c6cf0483f2] - doc: explicitly doc package.exports is breaking (Myles Borins) #33074
    [e572cf93e5] - doc: fix style and grammer in (Nikolai Vavilov) #33194
    [5d80576889] - errors: skip fatal error highlighting on windows (Thomas) #33132
    [a029dca90e] - esm: improve commonjs hint on module not found (Antoine du Hamel) #33220
    [c129e8809e] - fs: forbid concurrent operations on Dir handle (Anna Henningsen) #33274
    [aa4611cccb] - fs: clean up uv_fs_t data before calling into JS (Anna Henningsen) #33274
    [fa4a37c57b] - http2: comment on usage of Object.create(null) (Pranshu Srivastava) #33183
    [66dbaff848] - http2: add bytesWritten test for Http2Stream (Pranshu Srivastava) #33162
    [59769c4d14] - lib: fix typo in timers insert function comment (Daniel Bevenius) #33301
    [6881410951] - lib: refactored scheduling policy assignment (Yash Ladha) #32663
    [9017bce54b] - lib: fix grammar in internal/bootstrap/loaders.js (szTheory) #33211
    [d64dbfa1e7] - meta: add issue template for API reference docs (Derek Lewis) #32944
    [4f6e4ae49d] - module: add specific error for dir import (Antoine du HAMEL) #33220
    [77caf92314] - module: better error for named exports from cjs (Myles Borins) #33256
    [82da74b1cd] - n-api: add uint32 test for -1 (Gabriel Schulhof)
    [68551d22d2] - perf_hooks: fix error message for invalid entryTypes (Michaël Zasso) #33285
    [e67df04df2] - src: use BaseObjectPtr in StreamReq::Dispose (James M Snell) #33102
    [c797c7c7ab] - src: reduce duplication in RegisterHandleCleanups (Daniel Bevenius) #33421
    [548db2e5b9] - src: remove unused IsolateSettings variable (Daniel Bevenius) #33417
    [e668376b5b] - src: remove unused misc variable (Daniel Bevenius) #33417
    [9883ba6ddd] - src: add promise_resolve to SetupHooks comment (Daniel Bevenius) #33365
    [b924910fe7] - src: distinguish refed/unrefed threadsafe Immediates (Anna Henningsen) #33320
    [29d24db914] - src: add #include <string> in json_utils.h (Cheng Zhao) #33332
    [a0bc2e3b64] - src: replace to CHECK_NOT_NULL in node_crypto (himself65) #33383
    [1f159e45f2] - src: add primordials to arguments comment (Daniel Bevenius) #33318
    [fe780a5fe0] - src: remove unused using declarations in (Daniel Bevenius) #33261
    [82c43d1594] - src: delete unused variables to resolve compile time print warning (rickyes) #33358
    [548672d39c] - src: use MaybeLocal.ToLocal instead of IsEmpty (Daniel Bevenius) #33312
    [f27ae6ef46] - src: fix typo in comment in (Daniel Bevenius) #33350
    [b6300793fb] - src: remove unnecessary Isolate::GetCurrent() calls (Anna Henningsen) #33298
    [642f81317e] - src: fix invalid windowBits=8 gzip segfault (Ben Noordhuis) #33045
    [a5e8c5ce0d] - src: split out callback queue implementation from Environment (Anna Henningsen) #33272
    [ed62d43e79] - src: clean up large pages code (Gabriel Schulhof) #33255
    [c05483483f] - Revert "src: add test/abort build tasks" (Richard Lau) #33196
    [b43fc64aa7] - Revert "src: add aliased-buffer-overflow abort test" (Richard Lau) #33196
    [edf75e4299] - src: use basename(argv0) for --trace-uncaught suggestion (Anna Henningsen) #32798
    [4294d92b26] - stream: make from read one at a time (Robert Nagy) #33201
    [194789f25b] - stream: make all streams error in a pipeline (Matteo Collina) #30869
    [5da7d52a9f] - test: regression tests for async_hooks + Promise + Worker interaction (Anna Henningsen) #33347
    [9f594be75a] - test: fix test-dns-idna2008 (Rich Trott) #33367
    [33a787873f] - test: refactor WPTRunner (Joyee Cheung) #33297
    [fa1631355f] - test: update WPT interfaces and hr-time (Joyee Cheung) #33297
    [c459832e4b] - test: fix test-net-throttle (Rich Trott) #33329
    [cd92052935] - test: add hr-time Web platform tests (Michaël Zasso) #33287
    [0177cbf9e0] - test: rename test-lookupService-promises (rickyes) #33100
    [139eb6bd68] - test: skip some console tests on dumb terminal (Adam Majer) #33165
    [1766514c5b] - test: add tests for options.fs in fs streams (Julian Duque) #33185
    [7315c2288a] - tls: fix --tls-keylog option (Alba Mendez) #33366
    [e240d56983] - tools: update dependencies for markdown linting (Rich Trott) #33412
    [2645b1c85b] - tools: update ESLint to 7.0.0 (Colin Ihrig) #33316
    [cdd7d3a66d] - tools: remove obsolete no-restricted-syntax eslint rules (Ruben Bridgewater) #32161
    [5d5e66c10c] - tools: add eslint rule to only pass through 'test' to debuglog (Ruben Bridgewater) #32161
    [22f2c2c871] - wasi: fix poll_oneoff memory interface (Colin Ihrig) #33250
    [33aacbefb1] - wasi: prevent syscalls before start (Tobias Nießen) #33235
    [5eed20b3b7] - worker: fix race condition in (Anna Henningsen) #33429
    [b4d903402b] - worker: fix crash when .unref() is called during exit (Anna Henningsen) #33394
    [8a926982e5] - worker: call CancelTerminateExecution() before exiting Locker (Anna Henningsen) #33347
    [631e433cf5] - zlib: reject windowBits=8 when mode=GZIP (Ben Noordhuis) #33045

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 2 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed at r23296

comment:4 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

Milestone: 9.210,0

Milestone renamed

comment:5 by Bruce Dubbs, 2 years ago

Milestone: 10,010.0

Milestone renamed

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