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New major version.

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ELEASE 4.0.0 - Sat, 04 Jul 2020 12:00:27 +0000

  From Dirk Baechle:
    - Updated documentation toolchain to work properly under Python3, also
      removed libxslt support from the Docbook Tool. (issue #3580)
    - Added Docker images for building and testing SCons. (issue #3585)

  From James Benton:
    - Improve Visual Studio solution/project generation code to add support
      for a per-variant cppflags. Intellisense can be affected by cppflags,
      this is especially important when it comes to /std:c++* which specifies
      what C++ standard version to target. SCons will append /Zc:__cplusplus
      to the project's cppflags when a /std:c++* flag is found as this is
      required for intellisense to use the C++ standard version from cppflags.

  From Rob Boehne
    - Specify UTF-8 encoding when opening Java source file as text.  By default, encoding is the output
    of locale.getpreferredencoding(False), and varies by platform.

  From Joseph Brill:
    - MSVC updates: When there are multiple product installations (e.g, Community and
      Build Tools) of MSVC 2017 or MSVC 2019, an Enterprise, Professional, 
      or Community installation will be selected before a Build Tools installation when
      "14.1" or "14.2" is requested, respectively. (GH Issue #3699).
    - MSVC updates: When there are multiple product installations of MSVC 2017 (e.g.,
      Community and Express), 2017 Express is no longer returned when "14.1" is
      requested.  Only 2017 Express will be returned when "14.1Exp" is requested.
      (GH Issue #3699).
    - MSVC updates: An MSVC 6.0 installation now appears in the installed versions list
      when msvc debug output is enabled (GH Issue #3699).
    - MSVS test updates: Tests for building a program using generated MSVS project and
      solution files using MSVS 2015 and later now work as expected on x86 hosts.
    - Test update: Reduce the number of "false negative" test failures for the interactive
      configuration test (test/interactive/
    - MSVS update: Fix the development environment path for MSVS 7.0.
  From William Deegan:
    - Fix broken clang + MSVC 2019 combination by using MSVC configuration logic to
      propagate'VCINSTALLDIR' and 'VCToolsInstallDir' which clang tools use to locate
      header files and libraries from MSVC install. (Fixes GH Issue #3480)
    - Added C:\msys64\mingw64\bin to default mingw and clang windows PATH's.  This
      is a reasonable default and also aligns with changes in Appveyor's VS2019 image.
    - Drop support for Python 2.7. SCons will be Python 3.5+ going forward.
    - Change SCons.Node.ValueWithMemo to consider any name passed when memoizing Value() nodes
    - Fix Github Issue #3550 - When using Substfile() with a value like Z:\mongo\build\install\bin
      the implementation using re.sub() would end up interpreting the string and finding regex escape
      characters where it should have been simply replacing existing text. Switched to use string.replace().
    - Fix Github Issue #2904 - Provide useful error message when more than one Configure Contexts are opened.
      Only one open is allowed. You must call conf.Finish() to complete the currently open one before creating another
    - Add msys2 installed mingw default path to PATH for mingw tool.
      - C:\msys64\mingw64\bin
    - Purge obsolete internal build and tooling scripts
    - Allow user specified location for vswhere.exe specified by VSWHERE. 
      NOTE: This must be set at the time the 'msvc' 'msvs' and/or 'mslink' tool(s) are initialized to have any effect.
    - Resolve Issue #3451 and Issue #3450 - Rewrite SCons and packaging. Move script logic to entry points so 
      package can create scripts which use the correct version of Python.
    - Resolve Issue #3248 - Removing '-Wl,-Bsymbolic' from SHLIBVERSIONFLAGS
      NOTE: If your build depends on the above you must now add to your SHLIBVERSIONFLAGS
    - Speedup bin/docs-update-generated by caching parsed docbook schema. (60x speedup)
    - Reorganized source tree. Moved src/engine/SCons to SCons to be more in line with current Python source
      tree organization practices.
    - Renamed to and left redirecting tool.  'as' is a reserved word and so
      changing the name was required as we wanted to import symbols for use in compilation_db
    - Add CompilationDatabase() builder in compilation_db tool. Contributed by MongoDB.
      Setting COMPILATIONDB_USE_ABSPATH to True|False controls whether the files are absolute or relative
      paths.  Address Issue #3693 and #3694 found during development.
    - Fixed Github Issue 3628 - Hardcoding pickle protocol to 4 (supports python 3.4+)
      and skipping Python 3.8's new pickle protocol 5 whose main advantage is for out-of-band data buffers.
      NOTE: If you used Python 3.8 with SCons 3.0.0 or above, you may get a a pickle protocol error. Remove your
      .sconsign.dblite. You will end up with a full rebuild.

  From Andrii Doroshenko:
    - Extended `Environment.Dump()` to select a format to serialize construction variables (pretty, json).

  From Jeremy Elson:
    - Updated design doc to use the correct syntax for Depends()

  From Adam Gross:
    - Added support for scanning multiple entries in an action string if
      IMPLICIT_COMMAND_DEPENDENCIES is set to 2 or 'all'. This enables more thorough
      action scanning where every item in each command line is scanned to determine
      if it is a non-source and non-target path and added to the list of implicit dependencies
      for the target.
    - Added support for taking instances of the Value class as implicit
    - Added new module SCons.Scanner.Python to allow scanning .py files.
    - Added support for explicitly passing a name when creating Value() nodes. This may be useful
      when the value can't be converted to a string or if having a name is otherwise desirable.
    - Fixed usage of abspath and path for RootDir objects on Windows. Previously
      env.fs.Dir("T:").abspath would return "T:\T:" and now it correctly returns "T:".

  From Ivan Kravets, PlatformIO
    - New conditional C Scanner (`SCons.Scanner.C.CConditionalScanner()`)
      which interprets C/C Preprocessor conditional syntax (#ifdef, #if, #else,
      #elif, #define, etc.)
    - Improvements for virtual C Pre-Processor:
      * Handle UNSIGNED LONG and LONG numeric constants in DEC (keep support for HEX)
      * Skip unrecognized directives, such as `#if( defined ...)`
      * Ignore `#include DYNAMIC_INCLUDE` directive that depends on a dynamic
        macro which is not located in a state TABLE.
      * Cleanup CPP expressions before evaluating (strip comments, carriage returns)

  From Iosif Kurazs:
    - Added a new flag called "linedraw" for the command line argument  "--tree"
      that instructs scons to use single line drawing characters to draw the dependency tree.

  From Daniel Moody:
    - Add no_progress (-Q) option as a set-able option. However, setting it in the 
      SConstruct/SConscript will still cause "scons: Reading SConscript files ..." to be
      printed, since the option is not set when the build scripts first get read.
    - Added check for SONAME in environment to setup symlinks correctly (Github Issue #3246)
    - User callable's called during substition expansion could possibly throw a TypeError 
      exception, however SCons was using TypeError to detect if the callable had a different 
      signature than expected, and would silently fail to report user's exceptions. Fixed to 
      use signature module to detect function signature instead of TypeError. (Github Issue #3654)
    - Added storage of SConstructs and SConscripts nodes into global set for checking
      if a given node is a SConstruct/SConscript. 
      Added new node function SCons.Node.is_sconscript(self) (Github Issue #3625)

  From Andrew Morrow:
    - Fix Issue #3469 - Fixed improper reuse of temporary and compiled files by Configure when changing
      the order and/or number of tests.  This is done by using the hash of the generated temporary files
      content and (For the target files) the hash of the action.
      So where previously files would be named:
      - config_1.c, config_1.o, config_1
      The will now be named (For example)
      - conftest_68b375d16e812c43e6d72d6e93401e7c_0.c,
        conftest_68b375d16e812c43e6d72d6e93401e7c_0_5713f09fc605f46b2ab2f7950455f187 (for executable)

  From Mathew Robinson:
    - Improve performance of Subst by preventing unnecessary frame
      allocations by no longer defining the *Subber classes inside of their
      respective function calls.
    - Improve performance of Subst in some cases by preventing
      unnecessary calls to eval when a token is surrounded in braces
      but is not a function call.
    - Improve performance of subst by removing unnecessary recursion.
    - Cleanup dangling symlinks before running builders (Issue #3516)

  From Mats Wichmann:
    - Remove deprecated SourceCode
    - str.format syntax errors fixed
    - a bunch of linter/checker syntax fixups
    - Convert remaining uses of insecure/deprecated mktemp method.
    - Clean up some duplications in manpage.  Clarify portion of manpage on Dir and File nodes.
    - Reduce needless list conversions.
    - Fixed regex in Python scanner.
    - Accommodate VS 2017 Express - it's got a more liberal license then VS
      Community, so some people prefer it (from 2019, no more Express)
    - vswhere call should also now work even if programs aren't on the C: drive.
    - Add an alternate warning message if cl.exe is not found and msvc config
      cache is in use (SCONS_CACHE_MSVC_CONFIG was given) - config cache
      may be out of date.
    - Fixed bug where changing TEXTFILESUFFIX would cause Substfile() to rebuild. (Github Issue #3540)
    - Script/ now uses importlib instead of imp module.
    - Drop some Python 2-isms.
    - MSVC updates: pass on VSCMD_DEBUG and VSCMD_SKIP_SENDTELEMETRY to msvc
      tool setup if set in environment. Add Powershell to default env
      (used to call telemetry script).
    - Microsoft Visual Studio - switch to using uuid module to generate GUIDs rather than hand rolled
      method using md5 directly.
      NOTE: This change affects the following builders' output. If your build depends on the output of these builders
      you will likely see a rebuild.
      * Package() (with PACKAGETYPE='msi')
      * MSVSSolution()
      * MSVSProject()
    - Docbook builder provides a fallback if lxml fails to generate
      a document with tostring().
    - Fix description of ARCOMSTR constr. var. (issue 3636). Previously the text was a copy of ASCOMSTR which
      has different function.
    - Update xml files in SCons to reflect changed relative paths after
      code restructuring (src/engine/SCons -> SCons)
    - Preliminary Python 3.9 support - elimination of some warnings.
    - Drop the with_metaclass jig which was designed to let class
      definitions using a metaclass be written the same for Py2/Py3.
    - Bump python_version_unsupported (and deprecated) to indicate 3.5
      is lowest supported Python.
    - ParseFlags should not modify the user's passed in dict in case it's
      a compound data structure (e.g. values are lists) (issue #3665)
    - In Py3 classes no longer need to be listed as deriving from object.
    - Remove deprecated check for Task subclasses needing a needs_execute
      method - this is now enforced via an abstract base class, so the
      check and test is no longer needed.
    - Close various logfiles (trace, cache, taskmastertrace, configure)
      when done using atexit calls.
    - Rebase forked copy of shutil.copytree to Python 3.7 stlib version.
    - Significant rework of documentation: API docs are now generated
      using Sphinx; manpage and user guide now use more "standard"
      markup elements (which could facilitate later conversion to a
      different doc format, should that choice be made); significant
      rewordings in manpage.  Manpage Examples moved to an external
      repository / website (
    - Clean up test harness and tests' use of subdir, file_fixture and
    - SubstitutionEnvironment and OverrideEnvironment now have keys()
      and values() methods to better emulate a dict (already had items()).

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