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opencv opencv_contrib 4.4.0

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New minor version.

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version:4.4.0 - July, 2020

Highlights of this release:

  • SIFT (Scale-Invariant Feature Transform) algorithm has been moved to the main repository (patent on SIFT is expired)
  • DNN module:
    • Improved layers / activations / supported more models:
    • State-of-art Yolo v4 Detector: Disabled per-layer NMS for [yolo] layers (Yolo v3 and Yolo v4) as incorrect - use cv::dnn::NMSBoxes over all the detections.
    • ONNX: Add support for Resnet_backbone (Torchvision)
    • EfficientDet models support
    • New samples / demos:
      • add text recognition sample: C++ / Python
      • FlowNet2 optical flow
      • Intel® Inference Engine backend ( OpenVINO™ ):
        • added support for OpenVINO 2020.3 LTS / 2020.4 releases
        • support of NN Builder API is planned for removal in the next release
    • Many fixes and optimizations in CUDA backend
  • G-API module
    • Introduced a new API for stateful kernels in OpenCV backend: GAPI_OCV_KERNEL_ST. Stateful kernels preserve their state among the individual graph executions (in the standard more) or among the video frames of the stream (in the streaming mode).
    • Introduced more video-oriented operations in G-API: goodFeaturesToTrack, buildOpticalFlowPyramid, calcOpicalFlowPyrLK.
    • Added few more image processing kernels: Laplacian and bilateral filters.
    • Fixed a potential crash in G-API's OpenCL backend.
  • And many other great contributions from OpenCV community, including, but not limited to:
  • Obj-C / Swift bindings
  • (opencv_contrib) Julia bindings as part of ongoing GSoC project:
  • (opencv_contrib) BIMEF: A Bio-Inspired Multi-Exposure Fusion Framework for Low-light Image Enhancement
  • Enable Otsu thresholding for CV_16UC1 images
  • Add Stroke Width Transform algorithm for Text Detection
  • Planned migration on Apache 2 license for next releases OE-32

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Fixed at revision 23405.

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