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23:44 openoffice created by trac
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23:40 gnucash created by trac
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23:40 gimp created by trac
23:33 bonobo14 created by trac
23:33 gnome-print created by trac
23:33 libghttp created by trac
23:33 libcapplet created by trac
23:33 gtkhtml1 created by trac
23:33 gnome-libs created by trac
23:33 gnome-vfs1 created by trac
23:33 GNOME14Libraries created by trac
23:33 gconf1 created by trac
23:33 libglade14 created by trac
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23:33 guppi created by trac
23:33 orbit created by trac
23:33 gdk created by trac
23:33 oaf created by trac
23:24 gnopernicus created by trac
23:24 libgail-gnome created by trac
23:24 gnome-speech created by trac
23:24 at-spi created by trac
23:24 java-access-bridge created by trac
23:24 GNOMEAccessibility created by trac
23:24 gnome-mag created by trac
23:24 gok created by trac
23:15 gnome-system-monitor created by trac
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23:15 gucharmap created by trac
23:15 gnome-keyring-manager created by trac
23:15 gnome-games created by trac
23:15 zenity created by trac
23:15 gnome-media created by trac
23:15 gnome-mount created by trac
23:15 gnome-utils created by trac
23:15 epiphany created by trac
23:15 evince created by trac
23:15 gcalctool created by trac
23:15 file-roller created by trac
23:15 ekiga created by trac
23:15 gedit created by trac
23:15 totem created by trac
23:15 eog created by trac
23:08 gtkhtml created by trac
23:08 gnome-audio created by trac
23:08 gtksourceview created by trac
23:08 system-tools-backends created by trac
23:08 evolution-data-server created by trac
23:08 GNOMECorePackages edited by trac
23:08 GNOMELibraries created by trac
23:02 gnome-keyring created by trac
23:02 libbonobo created by trac
23:02 gnome-icon-theme created by trac
23:02 gnome-doc-utils created by trac
23:02 gnome-desktop created by trac
23:02 gnome-menus created by trac
23:02 gnome-panel created by trac
23:02 libgnome created by trac
23:02 orbit2 created by trac
23:02 libgnomecanvas created by trac
23:02 libbonoboui created by trac
23:02 gnome-applets created by trac
23:01 gtk-engines created by trac
23:01 libgnomeui created by trac
23:01 gnome-backgrounds created by trac
23:01 gnome-themes created by trac
23:01 gnome-terminal created by trac
23:01 gnome-mime-data created by trac
23:01 GNOMECorePackages created by trac
23:01 gnome-session created by trac
23:01 nautilus created by trac
23:01 gnome-vfs created by trac
23:01 gconf created by trac
23:01 gnome-user-docs created by trac
23:01 libgtop created by trac
23:01 vte created by trac
23:01 yelp created by trac
15:44 Changeset [d360c59] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Updated to thunderbird- git-svn-id: …


18:03 Changeset [d9402bb4] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Updated to firefox- git-svn-id: …
06:38 Ticket #2117 (pkg-config default path) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: I thought that was in the book. Thanks, Joe. Fixed in r6293.
06:38 Changeset [1bd6c59] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Fixed note about pkg-config default path. Fixes ticket #2117. …
06:26 Ticket #2101 (Ispell is not international) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: Fixed in r6292.
06:25 Changeset [b02921f] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Removed ispell. Fixes ticket #2101. git-svn-id: …
06:17 Ticket #2115 (Minor typos) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: I fixed this guy in r6287. Thanks, Peter.
05:21 Ticket #2100 (Xorg Security Vulnerabilities) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: Updated to xterm-218 that contains the fix for the setuid() …
05:19 Ticket #2096 (xterm-216) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: As noted in #2120, I'm moving xterm as well as a few others out of the …
04:50 Changeset [193f4fa] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Updated to xterm-218. Fixes tickets #2096 and #2100. Removed the …
03:34 Ticket #2106 (Confusing sentence wording on the PHP page) closed by bdubbs@…
fixed: Updated as suggested in revision 6290.
03:28 Changeset [254be7d3] by Bruce Dubbs <bdubbs@…>
Fixed wording in php describing ini file git-svn-id: …
03:19 Ticket #2120 (External packages used in Xorg-7.x) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: Got ahead of myself with luit. We're using the one developed by Xorg, …
03:15 Changeset [38476a9] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Moved externally developed packages out of the Xorg-7 chapter. Added a …


22:31 Ticket #2120 (External packages used in Xorg-7.x) created by dnicholson@…
xterm, MesaLib, libdrm and rman are all external packages developed …


19:11 Ticket #2119 (Wrong datadir for xorg 7.1 : -> --datadir=$XORG_PREFIX/lib") created by EdB
for xorg 7.1, datadir is set to --datadir=$XORG_PREFIX/lib" . This …
03:47 Ticket #2118 (MesaLib-6.5 fails to compile) created by Joshua Harley
If using another shell that isn't Bourne Shell compatible MesaLib-6.5 …


23:10 Ticket #2117 (pkg-config default path) created by jciccone@…
The default path for pkg-config is actualy …
18:20 Ticket #2116 (Invaid FAQ referenced in postlfs/vimrc section) created by peter
18:18 Ticket #2115 (Minor typos) created by peter
03:24 Ticket #2029 (JOE-3.4) closed by djensen@…
fixed: Updated
03:21 Changeset [c619cd8] by David Jensen <djensen@…>
Updated to JOE-3.5 git-svn-id: …
01:27 Ticket #2114 (EsounD-0.2.36 document installation dir) created by djensen@…
EsounD-0.2.36 tries but fails to install it docs in …
01:18 Ticket #2113 (mpg123-0.60) created by djensen@…
Version update. New maintainers have added autotools, pkg-config, …


22:54 Ticket #2112 (ALSA 1.0.12 or 1.0.13) created by Christoph Berg
Version bump of all alsa packages. I also experienced a compile error …
22:41 Ticket #2111 (aspell 0.60.4 compile error with GCC 4.1) created by Christoph Berg
It's more or less the same error type as in doxygen. Fix is: sed -i …


17:40 Ticket #2110 (LPRng does not compile with recent make/gcc) created by Moody
i found a problem compiling lprng with make version 3.81 and gcc-4.1.1 …
16:16 Ticket #2108 (Website note about dev BLFS) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: Closing as fixed. See the two links above. Please reopen if you have …
15:01 Ticket #2100 (Xorg Security Vulnerabilities) reopened by dnicholson@…
Reopening. There's also some fixes that were made to xterm. …
14:54 Ticket #2107 (Linux-PAM docs in new location) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: Fixed in r6287. Thanks, Chris.
14:42 Ticket #1976 (Udev rule required to support non-root use of lsusb) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: This one's done. The package is in the book, and the appropriate udev …
06:52 Changeset [6c63b55] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Various text updates and link corrections reported on the lists. …
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22:48 aboutdevices edited by dnicholson@…
22:48 aboutdevices edited by dnicholson@…
22:46 Ticket #2105 (wiki page for nss) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: This one should be there now. I've gotten a lot more of these pages …


09:44 NewLocaleRelatedIssues edited by pippin
Improved English and corrected some typos (diff)


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12:46 aspell edited by rabenkind
09:27 nss edited by ken@…
Sub-headings for arches, and refer to ppc64 patch (diff)
08:54 nss edited by ken@…
how to build 64-bit on x86_64 (diff)


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20:44 giflib created by trac
20:44 freetype2 created by trac
20:44 imlib2 created by trac
20:44 libmng created by trac
20:44 libpng created by trac
20:40 libjpeg created by trac


22:25 Ticket #2109 (PNG Error in cups-1.1.23) created by craigmjackson@…
I have found a bug in the latest BLFS-svn. It is a known CUPS bug and …
04:44 Ticket #2108 (Website note about dev BLFS) created by Chris Staub
Currently, there is a note on the BLFS page that says "Note: The …


15:09 Fontconfig edited by dnicholson@…
15:06 Fontconfig created by dnicholson@…
15:05 GraphicsandFontLibraries edited by dnicholson@…


15:39 Changeset [0de99b2] by Manuel Canales Esparcia <manuel@…>
Another tag fix in Xorg7. git-svn-id: …
13:20 Changeset [5e8be1c] by Manuel Canales Esparcia <manuel@…>
XML tags fixes on Xorg7 pages. git-svn-id: …


14:44 Ticket #2107 (Linux-PAM docs in new location) created by Chris Staub
The optional documentation for Linux-PAM is now located in …
10:10 Ticket #2106 (Confusing sentence wording on the PHP page) created by pippin
A sentence about the php.ini file on the PHP page in BLFS svn reads: …


16:00 NewLocaleRelatedIssues edited by alexander@…
15:59 NewLocaleRelatedIssues edited by alexander@…
15:59 NewLocaleRelatedIssues edited by alexander@…
15:58 NewLocaleRelatedIssues edited by alexander@…
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15:52 NewLocaleRelatedIssues edited by alexander@…
15:48 NewLocaleRelatedIssues edited by alexander@…
15:02 NewLocaleRelatedIssues edited by alexander@…
15:00 NewLocaleRelatedIssues edited by alexander@…
14:59 NewLocaleRelatedIssues edited by alexander@…
14:23 NewLocaleRelatedIssues created by alexander@…


16:24 mesalib edited by Chris Staub
16:14 Ticket #2105 (wiki page for nss) created by ken@…
Can we have a skeleton page for nss, please ? I think a blfs editor …


15:18 Changeset [83c5697] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Fixed Mutt security vulnerability. Fixes #2072. git-svn-id: …
14:33 Ticket #2100 (Xorg Security Vulnerabilities) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: Fixed in r6281.
14:29 Changeset [a8491e6] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Fix changelog and add entry for previous commit. git-svn-id: …
14:21 Changeset [baf47952] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Configuration for HAL and gnome-volume-manager without pam_console. …
14:20 Changeset [dc77783f] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Patches security vulnerabilities in Xorg-7.1. Closes ticket #2100. …


16:43 Ticket #2104 (The user note of dhcpcd is not exist.) closed by dnicholson@…
fixed: Fixed. Sorry, populating the wiki is a very tedious operation. I'll …
16:42 OtherServerSoftware created by dnicholson@…
16:39 dhcp created by dnicholson@…
16:38 dhcpcd created by dnicholson@…
16:37 DHCPClients created by dnicholson@…
10:01 Ticket #2104 (The user note of dhcpcd is not exist.) created by nadavvin
06:13 Ticket #2103 (The view is shifted 50% to the left in many OpenGL apps on ati video cards) created by alexander@…
This is a duplicate of …


21:02 Changeset [b6d80e9] by Dan Nichilson <dnicholson@…>
Fixed vulnerability and removed Glibc hack in Xorg-6.9.0. …
08:02 CheckManualPages edited by alexander@…


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20:55 Ticket #2092 (Evince-0.5.3) closed by Randy McMurchy
fixed: Noted in the Evince instructions that shared-mime-info is a run-time …
20:54 Changeset [c023b7d] by Randy McMurchy <randy@…>
Fixed the libglade download URLs, thanks to tiberius for pointing it …
20:52 Changeset [0b733006] by Randy McMurchy <randy@…>
Noted in the Evince instructions that shared-mime-info is a run-time …
20:48 InstallQcad edited by ambra
Small fixes: opening manual from QCad menu, and partlibrary. (diff)
17:59 Ticket #2095 (Metacity-2.14.5) closed by Randy McMurchy
invalid: The book is already at 2.14.5. This ticket entered in error.
14:08 Ticket #2093 (libsoup-2.2.96) closed by Randy McMurchy
fixed: Updated BLFS to libsoup-2.2.96
14:08 Changeset [bd38f0a] by Randy McMurchy <randy@…>
Updated to libsoup-2.2.96 and added XMLRPC-EPI as an optional …
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04:00 Ticket #2102 (Audit translated manual pages) created by alexander@…
LFS expects that manual pages are in the language-specific (usually …
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02:50 Ticket #2101 (Ispell is not international) created by alexander@…
Ispell is not configured to accept 8-bit character input. To fix this, …
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