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BLFS Notes

This set of pages is designed as an additional resource for general BLFS users to add comments to particular sections of the book. Appropriate material includes information about package dependencies, build instructions, configuration, internationalization, and building on non-x86 systems. Users must create an account and log in to update a page.

Inappropriate material will be removed.

Suggestions to change the book should be made by creating a new ticket.

Questions with your specific installation problems should be made by subscribing and mailing to the BLFS Support List.

Discussions of build instructions should be made by subscribing and mailing to the BLFS Development List.

AP 20060209 | uClibc based HLFS has many locale-related issues (that manifest themselves not only in UTF-8 based locales) due to broken iconv implementation in uClibc. Such issues are not reported here, since BLFS is not the proper place to fix them.

JH 20060122 | The above bulleted list could be optionally done as a specific Table of Contents that appears on each related page. If that sounds appealing, see WikiMacros. Otherwise, just delete this note.

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