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After installing Links, configure the display character set for text terminals:

  • Click on the top of the screen or press ESC
  • Go to Setup > Character set (this menu item is unavailable in graphical mode, i.e., when Links is started with the -g switch)
  • Select the character set that matches your locale
  • Setup > Save options

Problem: UTF-8 is not in the list. Thus, Links cannot display anything besides ASCII on text terminals in UTF-8 locales. The solution is to use another browser.

In grapical mode, there is no need to set up the character set because Links is able to display any character it has a pre-rendered glyph for (i.e., any accented Latin or Cyrillic character). In graphical mode, Links displays pages consisting of only those characters correctly in any locale. However, text input in UTF-8 locales works as expected only in graphical mode under X window system (but not framebuffer console).

After setting the character set or starting Links in graphical mode, select your language from the Setup > Language menu.


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