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After moving from kernel 2.4 to 2.6, I found out that 'sane' didn't recognize my Epson scanner anymore. I dowloaded the latest sources and installed them and still no luck. So here is what I needed to do in kernel 2.6 to have 'sane' recognize my scanner.

  1. After copying 'sane-backends-1.0.18/tools/udev/libsane.rules'

to '/etc/udev/rules.d/30-libsane.rules' I needed to edit the file so the prologue looks as follows,

# The following list already contains a lot of scanners. If your scanner
# isn't mentioned there, add it as explained above and mail the entry to
# the sane-devel mailing list (sane-devel@…).

#ACTION!="add", GOTO="libsane_rules_end"
#SUBSYSTEM!="usb_device", GOTO="libsane_rules_end"
BUS!="usb", ACTION!="add", GOTO="libsane_rules_end"

Additionally I changed the group from 'scanner' to 'users' as follows.

sed -e 's|="scanner"|="users"|' -i /etc/udev/rules.d/30-libsane.rules

  1. After doing this my scanner was recognized, but sane couldn't find the



found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8 [EPSON], product=0x0110 [EPSON Scanner]) at libusb:001:013

  1. So, I needed to edit '/usr/local/etc/sane.d/epson.conf' so that the file looks like

like the following

# USB scanner - only enable this if you have an EPSON scanner. It could
# otherwise block your non-EPSON scanner from being
# recognized.
# Depending on your distribution, you may need either the
# first or the second entry.
#usb /dev/usb/scanner0
# use the following with kernel 2.4.35 and original '/dev' (no udev)
#usb /dev/usbscanner0
# This works with kernel 2.6 (probably also 2.4 with udev)

  1. Sane and xsane are now back to work, at last.
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