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Xorg 7


Check the downloaded lists (app-7.2.wget & app-7.2.md5) before using them

  • Because proxymngr was deprecated since Xorg-7.1, all apps depend on it should be commented in the two lists. But xfwp and xrx are not commented in the wget and md5 lists which BLFS-6.3-rc2 provides, which will lead to build failure because they both depend on proxymngr. So if you plan to use automated build for Xorg applications, you'd better check the lists before kicking off, or your build will fail and you'll have to fix it manually.

Installation Script

  • Start a subshell, that exits on error, so that the loop does not continue if a package fails to build.
bash -e
  • Automated build of all packages. Comment out any packages that you do not want to install.
for package in $(grep -v '^#' ../app-7.2.wget)
  packagedir=$(echo $package | sed 's/.tar.bz2//')
  tar -xf $package
  cd $packagedir
  ./configure $XORG_CONFIG
  make install
  cd ..
  rm -rf $packagedir
done 2>&1 | tee -a ../app-7.2-compile.log


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