Xorg 7


Doing without unnecessary fonts

People who want to only install the parts of X which they will actually use need to beware - the "font-adobe-100dpi", "font-adobe-75dpi", "font-alias", "font-cursor-misc" and "font-misc-misc" packages (and in non-English locales, other fonts) are necessary for twm to successfully display an xterm and an xclock on unpatched Xorg!

Fully TrueType based setup

WARNING: instructions in this section break legacy toolkits such as GTK-1.2.10 and Lesstif!

If a desktop environment based entirely on an Xft-aware toolkit (Qt or GTK2) is going to be used, none of the bitmap fonts that come with Xorg are necessary (the "encodings" package is still needed for libfontenc). This setup is implemented on the official LFS LiveCD. To reproduce it, apply the following sed substitution when building xorg-server:

sed -i -e 's,#ifdef KDRIVESERVER,#if 1,' dix/dixfonts.c

Also, add the --with-default-font-path=built-ins configure switch to xorg-server. This allows Xorg to get the minimal necessary bitmap fonts ("fixed" and "cursor") required by the protocol from the libxfont library, and makes the special entry containing these fonts the only entry in the default font path.

After building Xorg, install as many TrueType fonts as needed into /usr/share/fonts/TTF, so that Fontconfig-based applications can find and use them.

Installation Script

  • Start a subshell, that exits on error, so that the loop does not continue if a package fails to build.
bash -e
  • Automated build of all packages. Comment out any packages that you do not want to install.
for package in $(grep -v '^#' ../font-7.6-2.wget)
  tar -xf $package
  cd $packagedir
  ./configure $XORG_CONFIG
  make install
  cd ..
  rm -rf $packagedir
  rm -f $package
done 2>&1 | tee -a ../font-7.6-2-compile.log


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