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For those of us that use Xorg 7.0.0 and chose to strip it down to its bare essentials, this may come with unwanted (though not unexpected) side effects. Xpdf relies on lesstif in order to compile the gui for the main program; should there be anything wrong with lesstif then Xpdf will refuse to compile the xpdf program, you'll still get all the other programs like pdffonts, pdfimages etc. You might have noticed this when configuring Xpdf, it complains that it can't find MOTIF. The answer is that you need to make sure you included libXp with Xorg 7.0.0 (I'll leave the list of libXp dependencies out, Xorg modular packages are very good at telling you what's missing). Once you have libXp you can then go ahead and compile lesstif against it, and then Xpdf against lesstif.

You may want to apply the latest patch available for Xpdf 3.01, since the book was written a new patch has become available, "xpdf-3.01pl2.patch: a patch for several security holes", the official site for getting the patch is rather slow, that can be found here

Xpdf 3.01 also currently suffers from a resize bug where when the main window is resized, the drawing area for the displaying of the pdf document is not resized with it, this is an annoying bug aswell as one which will screw up the display of the document if the window is resized and then a higher level of zoom is chosen. Under some circumstances the display doesn't even need to be touched to become warped, believed to be contributed to non-standard config page size, the patch is available here


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