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xasy appears to be very fragile - I can add a label and then save the reulting file, but if I try to use the unlabelled drawing tools I can draw, but I cannot undo, or stop drawing and save - top shows that what I am running is actually python with various commands, and that can be killed.

For systems built on gcc-6.1, 3D drawings (or at least those using a non-zero render value) now need asy to be invoked with a -V flag, otherwise asy will fail. In a Makefile this does not cause any problems, but if for some reason you are running asy from the commandline on a plain .asy file there are gains and losses - you get a nice viewer which will allow you to rotate the image in all planes, but there is no way of saving the created image. I (ĸen) surmise that using asy outside latex is a very uncommon activity.


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