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Introduction to dillo2

Dillo is a is a fast, small footprint graphical browser. Version dillo-0.8.6 is now considered a very stable beta. Dillo does not support Java, Javascript or CSS, and the current version does not support FTP, HTTPS or frames. It is, however, very fast and so is useful on older, slower machines. It supports downloads and can support cookies.

However, dillo depends on GTK+ which has been superseded by GTK+2. GTK+2 was considered too heavyweight for dillo, and the decision to base dillo2 on FLTK2 was made. Dillo2 is not yet sufficiently stable for inclusion in BLFS, nor is FLTK2. hence these wiki-instructions for the brave. These have not had much testing - just like dillo2!

Dillo always interprets web pages as if they had the ISO-8859-1 encoding. Thus, it is useless for reading non-English web pages.

Package Information

  • Download: to be supplied
  • Download size: ??MB
  • Estimated disk space required: ??MB
  • Estimated build time: 0.2 SBU

dillo2 Dependencies





wget For Downloading

Installation of dillo2

Create a directory to hold the dillo2 cvs, and download the sources:

       mkdir dillo2-build &&
       cd dillo2-build &&
       cvs -z3 co dw2 &&
       cvs -z3 co dillo2

Create working copies of the sources and build dillo2 with:

       cp -r dillo2 dillo2-cur &&
       cp -r dw2 dw2-cur &&
       ln -s dw2-cur dw-testbed &&
       find dw2-cur dillo2-cur -name CVS | xargs rm -R &&
       cd dw2-cur &&
         ./ &&
         ./configure &&
         make &&
       cd ../dillo2-cur &&
         ./ &&
         ./configure &&

There are no installation instructions, it's best to test alpha software from the build directory, the executable is


Command Explanations

Working copies of the sources are used so that the cvs copies can be updated easily.


None needed, but several files are provided for customisation. More details later.


Installed Programs:
Installed Library:
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Short Descriptions

The dillo2 web browser.

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