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Introduction to dillo2

Dillo2 is a graphical web browser. It is very fast and has a small footprint, so is useful on older, slower machines. It supports tabs, downloads, FTP and cookies. It has basic HTTPS support and a simple workaround for frames. It does not support Java, Javascript or CSS.

Dillo2 depends on FLTK2. It is not yet sufficiently stable for inclusion in BLFS, nor is FLTK2.

The dillo project has announced a release candidate and will shortly release dillo-2.0 .

Package Information

  • Download: to be supplied
  • Download size: ??MB
  • Estimated disk space required: ??MB
  • Estimated build time: 0.2 SBU

dillo2 Dependencies





wget For Downloading

Installation of dillo2

Create a directory to hold the dillo2 cvs, and download the sources:

       mkdir dillo2-build &&
       cd dillo2-build &&
       cvs -z3 co dillo2

Create working copies of the sources and build dillo2 with:

       cp -r dillo2 dillo2-cur &&
       find dillo2-cur -name CVS | xargs rm -R &&
       cd ../dillo2-cur &&
         ./ &&
         ./configure --prefix=/usr &&

Then, as root, run:

       make install

The executable is /usr/bin/dillo.


None needed, but several files are provided for customisation. More details later.


Installed Programs:
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Short Descriptions

The dillo2 web browser.

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