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    113113nss needs to be >= 3.72.
    115 For the moment (95.0b3), I cannot complete the configure stage, the reason why is not clear. If I apply an upstream revert (reverted for 94.0) [] it then tells me it cannot find a wasi sysroot and should pass -wasi-sysroot= or build --without-wasm-sandboxed-libraries. "Blow this for a game of soldiers."
     115For the moment (95.0b3), I need to apply an upstream revert (reverted for 94.0, reinstated for 95.0) [] otherwise pip complains about an unstable version. That appears to be because on this build I've got docutils-0.17.1 and my sphinx_rtd_theme wants 0.17. If so, probably not a general problem.
     117It then tells me it cannot find a wasi sysroot and should pass -wasi-sysroot= or build --without-wasm-sandboxed-libraries. That is a change for ff95, previously only mozilla's own automated builds used the sandboxing. For the moment I'm building with that switch, wasi-libc [] needs (at least) an llvm which includes WebAssembly among its targets, in BLFS we restrict the targets. Other dependencies might also be needed.
    117119The early betas for 92.0 and 93.0 needed static libstdc++.a to link logalloc-replay (that specifies -static-libstdc++). In later betas that was not compiled. While using a static system lib (outside of rust) is annoying, the expected lifetime of a firefox beta is short and this requirement can be remembered if a vulnerability in libstdc++ is ever disclosed. I assume this requirement will continue for early betas.