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    6060Using './mach create-mach-environment' before running other mach commands (but after the exports) works.
     62Later, somebody reported that this prevents offline builds. The better solution is
     64export MACH_USE_SYSTEM_PYTHON=1
     67I now see that creating the mach environment (with python-3.8) took 72MB in .mozbuild/ (noticed because I forgot the export on a manual build and was not found).
    6269From 78.7.0 I changed the './mach build' invocation to first run './mach configure' (just checking deps and creating the build files ("reticulating splines") to be more consistent with conventional packages, followed by './mach build' after noticing this in an AUR thunderbird build. For those of us who do not have rust on their normal PATH, or have multiple versions of rust, this allows a quick check that all is ok rather than running './mach build', leaving it and coming back to find it failed during the configure.
    113120nss needs to be >= 3.72.
    115 For the moment (95.0b3), I need to apply an upstream revert (reverted for 94.0, reinstated for 95.0) [] otherwise pip complains about an unstable version. That appears to be because on this build I've got docutils-0.17.1 and my sphinx_rtd_theme wants 0.17. If so, probably not a general problem.
     122If the iniital attempt to configure ends with pip complaining about a version mismatch (in my case that was sphinx_rtd_theme wanting an older docutils), check to later versions of the package(s) it mentions (at the top, before the full list of installed python modules, and after the message that a newer pip is available.
    117124It then tells me it cannot find a wasi sysroot and should pass -wasi-sysroot= or build --without-wasm-sandboxed-libraries. That is a change for ff95, previously only mozilla's own automated builds used the sandboxing. For the moment I'm building with that switch, wasi-libc [] needs (at least) an llvm which includes WebAssembly among its targets, in BLFS we restrict the targets. Other dependencies might also be needed.