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Certificate Problems

With some sites, particularly sourceforge, from time to time firefox will report certificate problems and refuse to connect. The last time this happened to me was after the machine had crashed and rebooted. Before that it was working fine, no software in the trust/certs area had been updated. In about:config, changing security.pki.distrust_ca_policy to 0 fixed this.

Note for people using package management

Up until firefox-58, the libraries were installed in /usr/lib/firefox-NN.0{,.N}. But with firefox-59 they are now installed in /usr/lib/firefox. This might impact you when you upgrade after 59 (some package managers might gripe about overwriting existing files).

Building with gtk+-3

(ken: deleted my old comments, gtk3 is now the default and since at least ff44 it has been fine, except that gtk > 3.19 has required a patch to restore scrollbars - the patches have been in the book)

Broken scrollbars with gtk+-3 in BLFS-7.10

On some machines, the gtk3 scrollbars (thin, slider with curved ends) were replaced by gtk2-style bars with arrows at their end which could be clicked, but without any button on the slider - it could still be dragged, but there was no visual indication of where you were in the page.

This was eventually identified as a theme problem - e.g. xfce-winter is now inadequate. A workaround is to install gnome-themes-standard and to edit ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini to contain


Any other settings in that file are probably ok.

evince plugin (gtk3 builds)

If you build evince, it creates /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

That purports to offer support for inter-alia tiff files, ps files, pdfs, comic book - but it will never work. See [​ ] : best to remove that plugin.


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