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Notes on compiling MySQL on HLFS


The configure script will fail to locate Linuxthreads when compiling on HLFS based system, as HLFS is pure NTPL.
Bug is described here:

Suggested fix from the developers of MySQL:

1) Insert a misleading comment into the header file defining thread functions:

echo '/* Linuxthreads */' >> /usr/include/pthread.h
(The check just goes by searching that string.)


2) Explicitly give a threads library:

./configure --with-pthread --with-named-thread-lib=-lpthread ...
(This takes precedence over the checks.)

Option 2 would be preferred, but didn't work for me.
Option 1 solved the problem, and MySQL compiled happily.

The third fix is the attached patch based on the patch by Kevin P. Fleming found in the LFS archives.


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