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The static library probably is not needed.

PCI Utilities

For HLFS users, or anyone who wants exclusively PIC libraries, use the following commands.

This static library may not be needed:

make PREFIX=/usr ZLIB=no OPT="-O2 -fPIC" &&
make PREFIX=/usr ZLIB=no OPT="-O2 -fPIC" install &&
install -v -m 644 lib/libpci.a /usr/lib

This builds the shared library:

make clean &&
make PREFIX=/usr ZLIB=no SHARED=yes &&
make PREFIX=/usr ZLIB=no SHARED=yes install &&
cd /usr/lib &&
ln -svf

Install the headers too:

install -v -m 755 -d /usr/include/pci &&
install -v -m 644 lib/*.h /usr/include/pci


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