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If LLVM is old, do not uses sys-llvm for 1.35.0.


There are releases at but do NOT use those to try to bootstrap - the tarballs are much smaller, various essential parts are missing. The only real benefit of looking at releases there is that it's possible to see the versions.

The source needs to be downloaded from as rustc-<VERSION>-src.tar.gz : this site is NOT searchable.

For rustc-1.32 we eventually used the shipped llvm because of various problems which were attributed to needing a newer version of (system) LLVM than the current release. Rustc-1.35.0 appears to build, and work, with system LLVM-8.0. If you are using an older version of LLVM, either update to 8.0 *OR* follow the instructions in the 8.4 book for rustc-1.32.0 replacing 1.32.0 with 1.35.0.

Otherwise, you may find that rustc burns CPU (i.e. hangs) when building firefox-68 (seen on an i3 SandyBridge with BLFS-8.3 (clang 6.0.1).


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