Patch to support multi-byte characters in langmap option

From :help langmap

The langmap option allows switching your keyboard into a special language mode. When you are typing text in Insert mode the characters are inserted directly. When in command mode the 'langmap' option takes care of translating these special characters to the original meaning of the key. This means you don't have to change the keyboard mode to be able to execute Normal mode commands.

Original patch by Konstantin Korikov Rediffed to support vim-7.2.

Apply the patch.

patch -Np1 -i ../vim-7.2-langmapmb.patch

Patch to print the line number relative to the line with the cursor.

Patch by Markus Heidelberg.

Apply the patch.

patch -Np0 -i ../vim-7.2-relativenumber-02.patch

Patch that enhances floating point support.

Patch by Bill McCarthy.

Apply the patch.

patch -Np0 -i ../vim-7.2-floating_point.patch

Patch that provides a Lua interface.

Patch by Luis Carvalho.

Apply the patch.

zcat ../vim72-lua-0.6.patch.gz |patch -Np1
make -C src autoconf

Add then to the configure options.

--enable-luainterp --with-lua-prefix=/usr


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