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11.0 11.0-rc1 11.0-rc2 11.0-rc3 11.1 11.1-rc1 11.2 11.2-rc1 11.3 11.3-rc1 arm bdubbs/gcc13 ml-11.0 multilib s6-init trunk xry111/arm64 xry111/clfs-ng xry111/git-transition xry111/glibc-2.34 xry111/glibc-2.37 xry111/kcfg-revise xry111/lfs-next xry111/pip3 xry111/queue-11.3 xry111/rust-wip-20221008 xry111/tester-nohack xry111/usr-move
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add .gitignore

It will effectively prevent commiting lfs-bootscripts tarball into the
repo anymore.

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