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11 <title>About $LFS</title>
[6a3b6af]13 <para>Throughout this book, the environment variable <envar>LFS</envar> will
[6d9da8e]14 be used. It is paramount that this variable is always defined.
[6a3b6af]15 It should be set to the mount point chosen for the LFS partition.
16 Check that the <envar>LFS</envar> variable is set up properly with:</para>
[447c9fa]18<screen role="nodump"><userinput>echo $LFS</userinput></screen>
[6a3b6af]20 <para>Make sure the output shows the path to the LFS partition's mount
21 point, which is <filename class="directory">/mnt/lfs</filename> if the
22 provided example was followed. If the output is incorrect, the
23 variable can be set with:</para>
[447c9fa]25<screen role="nodump"><userinput>export LFS=/mnt/lfs</userinput></screen>
[6a3b6af]27 <para>Having this variable set is beneficial in that commands such as
28 <command>mkdir $LFS/tools</command> can be typed literally. The shell
29 will automatically replace <quote>$LFS</quote> with
30 <quote>/mnt/lfs</quote> (or whatever the variable was set to) when it
31 processes the command line.</para>
[6a3b6af]33 <para>Do not forget to check that <envar>$LFS</envar> is set whenever
34 you leave and reenter the current working environment (as when doing a
35 <command>su</command> to <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem>
36 or another user).</para>
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