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Clarify some explanations about the minimal directory layout in chap 4

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8<sect1 id="ch-tools-creatingminlayout">
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[ba82c18]11 <title>Creating a limited directory layout in LFS filesystem</title>
[ba82c18]13 <para>The first task performed in the LFS partition is to create a limited
[efcb393]14 directory hierarchy so that programs compiled in <xref
[430a8de]15 linkend="chapter-temporary-tools"/> (as well as glibc and libstdc++ in <xref
16 linkend="chapter-cross-tools"/>) may be installed in their final
[efcb393]17 location. This is needed so that those temporary programs be overwritten
18 when rebuilding them in <xref linkend="chapter-building-system"/>.</para>
20 <para>Create the required directory layout by running the following as
21 <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem>:</para>
[ba82c18]23<screen><userinput>mkdir -pv $LFS/{bin,etc,lib,sbin,usr,var}
[70f0882]24case $(uname -m) in
25 x86_64) mkdir -pv $LFS/lib64 ;;
28 <para>Programs in <xref linkend="chapter-temporary-tools"/> will be compiled
29 with a cross-compiler (more details in section <xref
30 linkend="ch-tools-toolchaintechnotes"/>). In order to separate this
31 cross-compiler from the other programs, it will be installed in a special
32 directory. Create this directory with:</para>
34<screen><userinput>mkdir -pv $LFS/tools</userinput></screen>
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