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8<sect1 id="ch-tools-creatingminlayout">
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11 <title>Creating a Limited Directory Layout in the LFS Filesystem</title>
13 <para>In this section, we begin populating the LFS filesystem with the
14 pieces that will constitute the final Linux system. The first step is to
15 create a limited directory hierarchy, so that the programs compiled in <xref
16 linkend="chapter-temporary-tools"/> (as well as glibc and libstdc++ in <xref
17 linkend="chapter-cross-tools"/>) can be installed in their final
18 location. We do this so those temporary programs will be overwritten when
19 the final versions are built in <xref linkend="chapter-building-system"/>.</para>
21 <para>Create the required directory layout by issuing the following commands as
22 <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem>:</para>
24<screen><userinput>mkdir -pv $LFS/{etc,var} $LFS/usr/{bin,lib,sbin}
26for i in bin lib sbin; do
27 ln -sv usr/$i $LFS/$i
30case $(uname -m) in
31 x86_64) mkdir -pv $LFS/lib64 ;;
34 <para>Programs in <xref linkend="chapter-temporary-tools"/> will be compiled
35 with a cross-compiler (more details can be found in section <xref
36 linkend="ch-tools-toolchaintechnotes"/>). This cross-compiler will be installed
37 in a special directory, to separate it from the other programs. Still acting as
38 &root;, create that directory with this command:</para>
40<screen><userinput>mkdir -pv $LFS/tools</userinput></screen>
42 <note>
43 <para>
44 The LFS editors have deliberately decided not to use a
45 <filename class="directory">/usr/lib64</filename> directory. Several
46 steps are taken to be sure the toolchain will not use it. If for any
47 reason this directory appears (either because you made an error in
48 following the instructions, or because you installed a binary package that
49 created it after finishing LFS), it may break your system.
50 You should always be sure this directory does not exist.
51 </para>
52 </note>
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