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binutils-pass2: workaround "binaries link to host libraries" issue

A very old libtool copy (2009-11-29) is shipped in binutils tarball. It
does not support sysroot, so the cross-built binutils binaries may link
to libraries from the host distro, if certain libraries are available.

The ideal solution should be updating libtool, as libtool-2.4.6 (in LFS)
has sysroot support. However, updating libtool for binutils is not
trivial: it would require to rerun autoconf and binutils building system
sticks to autoconf-2.69. Another issue is the sysroot support for
libtool has introduced a configure option "--with-sysroot", which
conflicts with an already existing option with the same name in
GCC and binutils building system (we are using the GCC/binutils version
of --with-sysroot in chapter 5).

GCC building system has --with-build-sysroot (we are using this for GCC
pass 2) for this issue. Binutils copied GCC building system, but it
does not respect --with-build-sysroot.

So for now we just edit libtool code to prevent "-L/usr/lib" in
$LFS_TGT_gcc command line. It should fix the issue about host libiberty
(reported in #lfs-support) as well, but it still need to be confirmed by
someone having such a host.

Tested with a jhalfs run on LFS.

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