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8<sect1 id="ch-tools-introduction-cross">
9 <?dbhtml filename="introduction.html"?>
11 <title>Introduction</title>
13 <para>This chapter shows how to cross-compile basic utilities using
14 the just built cross-toolchain. Those utilities are installed into
15 their final location, but cannot be used yet. Basic tasks still rely on
16 the host's tools. Nevertheless, the installed libraries are used when
17 linking.</para>
19 <para>Using the utilities will be possible in next chapter after entering
20 the <quote>chroot</quote> environment. But all the packages built in the
21 present chapter need to be built before we do that. Therefore we cannot be
22 independent of the host system yet.</para>
24 <para>Once again, let us recall that improper setting of <envar>LFS</envar>
25 together with building as <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem>,
26 may render your computer unusable.
27 This whole chapter must be done as user <systemitem
28 class="username">lfs</systemitem>, with the environment as described in
29 <xref linkend="ch-preps-settingenviron"/>.</para>
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