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Update to mpfr-3.1.4.
Update to linux-4.4.4.
Update to pkg-config-0.29.1.
Update to tcl-6.8.5.
Remove --disable-profile from Glibc instructions.
Create /var/log/faillog.
Remove --enable-obsolete-rpc from Chapter 5 glibc

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1<!ENTITY version "SVN-20160309">
2<!ENTITY short-version "svn"> <!-- Used below in &blfs-book;. Change to x.y for release
3 but not -rc releases -->
4<!ENTITY releasedate "March 7, 2016">
5<!ENTITY copyrightdate "1999-2016"><!-- jhalfs needs a literal dash, not &ndash; -->
6<!ENTITY milestone "7.9">
7<!ENTITY generic-version "development"> <!-- Use "development", "testing", or "x.y[-pre{x}]" -->
9<!ENTITY lfs-root "">
10<!ENTITY blfs-root "&lfs-root;blfs/">
11<!ENTITY blfs-book "&blfs-root;view/&short-version;/">
12<!ENTITY faq-root "&lfs-root;faq/">
13<!ENTITY hints-root "&lfs-root;hints/downloads/files/">
14<!ENTITY hints-index "&lfs-root;hints/list.html">
15<!ENTITY patches-root "&lfs-root;patches/lfs/&generic-version;/">
16<!ENTITY downloads-root "&lfs-root;lfs/downloads/&generic-version;/">
17<!ENTITY livecd-root "&lfs-root;livecd/">
18<!ENTITY test-results "&lfs-root;lfs/build-logs/&generic-version;/">
19<!ENTITY errata "&lfs-root;lfs/errata/&generic-version;/">
20<!ENTITY min-kernel "2.6.32">
22<!ENTITY lfs-ticket-root "">
24<!ENTITY anduin-sources "">
26<!ENTITY buildtime "Approximate build time">
27<!ENTITY diskspace "Required disk space">
28<!ENTITY dependencies "Installation depends on">
29<!ENTITY testsuites "Test suite depends on">
30<!ENTITY before "Must be installed before">
31<!ENTITY external "Optional dependencies">
33<!ENTITY gnu "">
34<!ENTITY gnu-software "">
35<!ENTITY alpha-gnu "">
36<!ENTITY kernel "">
37<!ENTITY sourceforge "">
38<!ENTITY savannah "">
40<!ENTITY % packages-entities SYSTEM "packages.ent">
43<!ENTITY % patches-entities SYSTEM "patches.ent">
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