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  • chapter08/libffi.xml

    r9b0642a r60093fd  
    7777      <varlistentry>
    78         <!-- To editors: remove it when downstreams are properly
    79                          fixed. -->
     78        <!-- To editors: try to remove it once GJS fixed (at GNOME 43) -->
    8079        <term><parameter>--disable-exec-static-tramp</parameter></term>
    8180        <listitem>
    8281          <para>Disable static trampoline support.  It's a new security
    8382          feature in libffi, but some BLFS packages (notably
    84           <application>GJS</application> and
    85           <application>gobject-introspection</application>) have not been
    86           adapted for it.</para>
     83          <application>GJS</application>) have not been adapted for it.</para>
    8784        </listitem>
    8885      </varlistentry>
  • chapter08/zstd.xml

    r9b0642a r60093fd  
    4949    <para>Compile the package:</para>
    51 <screen><userinput remap="make">make</userinput></screen>
     51<screen><userinput remap="make">make prefix=/usr</userinput></screen>
    5353    <note>
  • chapter09/usage.xml

    r9b0642a r60093fd  
    3636<literallayout>0: halt the computer
    37371: single-user mode
    38 2: multi-user mode without networking
     382: reserved for customization, otherwise does the same as 3
    39393: multi-user mode with networking
    40404: reserved for customization, otherwise does the same as 3
    41 5: same as 4, it is usually used for GUI login (like X's <command>xdm</command> or KDE's <command>kdm</command>)
     415: same as 4, it is usually used for GUI login (like GNOME's <command>gdm</command> or LXDE's <command>lxdm</command>)
    42426: reboot the computer</literallayout>
     44    <note>
     45       <para>
     46          Classically, run level 2 above was defined as
     47          "multi-user mode without networking", but this was only the case
     48          many years ago when multiple users could log into a system connected via
     49          serial ports.  In today's environment it makes no sense and
     50          we designate it now as "reserved".
     51       </para>
     52    </note>
    4454  </sect2>
    128138  class="directory">/etc/rc.d</filename> that look like <filename
    129139  class="directory">rc?.d</filename> (where ? is the number of the run-level) and
    130   <filename class="directory">rcsysinit.d</filename>, all containing a number of
     140  <filename class="directory">rcS.d</filename>, all containing a number of
    131141  symbolic links. Some begin with a <emphasis>K</emphasis>, the others begin with
    132142  an <emphasis>S</emphasis>, and all of them have two numbers following the
    156166  <parameter>stop</parameter> to stop something. The logic behind this
    157167  is that when a user is going to reboot or halt the system, nothing
    158   needs to be started.  The system only needs to be stopped.</para>
     168  needs to be started, but the order of shutdown needs to be controlled.
     169  For these run levels, all <emphasis>K</emphasis> prefixed scripts will be
     170  run before any <emphasis>S</emphasis> prefixed scripts are run with the
     171  <parameter>stop</parameter> parameter.
     172  </para>
    160174  <para>These are descriptions of what the arguments make the scripts
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