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    206    kver=$(uname -r | grep -E -o '[0-9\.]+')
     206   kver=$(uname -r | grep -E -o '^[0-9\.]+')
    207207   if printf '%s\n' $1 $kver | sort --version-sort --check &>/dev/null
    208208   then
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    4646    configures the kernel.</para>
     48    <important>
     49      <para>
     50        Building the linux kernel for the first time is one of the most
     51        challenging tasks in LFS.  Getting it right depends on the specific
     52        hardware for the target system and your specific needs. There are
     53        almost 12,000 configuration items that are available for the kernel
     54        although only about a third of them are needed for most computers. The
     55        LFS editors recommend that users not familiar with this process follow
     56        the procedures below fairly closely.  The objective is to get an
     57        initial system to a point where you can log in at the command line when
     58        you reboot later in <xref linkend="ch-finish-reboot"/>.  At his point
     59        optimization and customization is not a goal.
     60      </para>
     63      <para>
     64        For general information on kernel configuration see <ulink
     65        url="&hints-root;kernel-configuration.txt"/>.  Additional information
     66        about configuring and building the kernel can be found at <ulink
     67        url="&anduin-sources;/kernel-nutshell/"/>.
     68        These references are a bit
     69        dated, but still give a reasonable overview of the process.
     70      </para>
     72      <para>
     73        If all else fails, you can ask for help on the <ulink
     74        url="">lfs-support</ulink>
     75        mailing list.  Note that subscribing is required in order for the list
     76        to avoid spam.
     77      </para>
     78    </important>
    4880    <para>Prepare for compilation by running the following command:</para>
    89121    <!-- Support for compiling a keymap into the kernel is deliberately removed -->
    91     <para>For general information on kernel configuration see <ulink
    92     url="&hints-root;kernel-configuration.txt"/>.  BLFS has some information
    93     regarding particular kernel configuration requirements of packages outside
    94     of LFS at <ulink
    95     url="&blfs-book;longindex.html#kernel-config-index"/>.  Additional
    96     information about configuring and building the kernel can be found at
    97     <ulink url=""/> </para>
    99124    <note>
    170195       Pseudo filesystems  ---&gt;
    171196        [*] Tmpfs POSIX Access Control Lists [CONFIG_TMPFS_POSIX_ACL]</screen>
     198      <para>If the partition for the LFS system is in a NVME SSD (i. e. the
     199      device node for the partition is <filename>/dev/nvme*</filename>
     200      instead of <filename>/dev/sd*</filename>), enable NVME support or
     201      the LFS system won't boot:</para>
     203      <screen role="nodump">Device Drivers ---&gt;
     204  NVME Support ---&gt;
     205    &lt;*&gt; NVM Express block device [CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NVME]</screen>
    172206    </note>
    177211    </note>
    179     <para revision="sysv">There are several other options that may be desired
     213    <para>There are several other options that may be desired
    180214    depending on the requirements for the system. For a list of options needed
    181215    for BLFS packages, see the <ulink
    182216    url="&lfs-root;blfs/view/&short-version;/longindex.html#kernel-config-index">BLFS
    183     Index of Kernel Settings</ulink>
    184     (&lfs-root;blfs/view/&short-version;/longindex.html#kernel-config-index).</para>
     217    Index of Kernel Settings</ulink>.</para>
    186219    <note>
    188221      LFS system with it, you should adjust some kernel configuration
    189222      following <ulink url="&blfs-book;postlfs/grub-setup.html#uefi-kernel">
    190       the BLFS page</ulink>.</para>
     223      the BLFS page</ulink> <emphasis role='bold'>even if you'll use the
     224      UEFI bootloader from the host distro</emphasis>.</para>
    191225    </note>
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