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Automatic merge of trunk into multilib

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    rf0275e9 r856169b  
    1919  -
    21 * DocBook DTD
    22   -
     21* DocBook 4.5 XML DTD
     22  -
    2424* DocBook XSL Stylesheets
  • chapter03/introduction.xml

    rf0275e9 r856169b  
    1414  order to build a basic Linux system. The listed version numbers correspond to
    1515  versions of the software that are known to work, and this book is based on
    16   their use. We highly recommend against using newer versions because the build
    17   commands for one version may not work with a newer version. The newest package
     16  their use. We highly recommend against using different versions because the build
     17  commands for one version may not work with a different version. The newest package
    1818  versions may also have problems that require work-arounds. These work-arounds
    1919  will be developed and stabilized in the development version of the
    2020  book.</para>
     22  <para>For some packages, the release tarball and the (Git or SVN)
     23  repository snapshot tarball for this release may be published with
     24  similar file name.  A release tarball contains generated files (for
     25  example, <command>configure</command> script generated by
     26  <command>autoconf</command>), in addition to the contents of the
     27  corresponding repository snapshot.  The book uses release tarballs
     28  whenever possible. Using a repository snapshot instead of a release
     29  tarball specified by the book will cause problems.</para>
    2231  <para>Download locations may not always be accessible. If a download
  • chapter08/glibc.xml

    rf0275e9 r856169b  
    173173        is known to fail in the LFS chroot environment.</para>
    174174      </listitem>
    175 <!--
    176176      <listitem>
    177177        <para>The <emphasis>nss/tst-nss-files-hosts-multi</emphasis>
    178         test may fail for reasons that have not been determined.</para>
     178        test is known to fail if the system has no non-loopback IP
     179        addresses.</para>
    179180      </listitem>
    181182      <listitem>
    182183        <para>The <emphasis>rt/tst-cputimer{1,2,3}</emphasis> tests depend on
  • part3intro/generalinstructions.xml

    rf0275e9 r856169b  
    9898              <xref linkend="chapter-temporary-tools"/>, ensure you are
    9999              the <emphasis>lfs</emphasis> user when extracting the package.</para>
     100              <para>All methods to get the source code tree being built
     101              in-position, except extracting the package tarball, are not
     102              supported. Notably, using <command>cp -R</command> to copy the
     103              source code tree somewhere else can destroy links and
     104              timestamps in the sources tree and cause building
     105              failure.</para>
    100106            </listitem>
    101107            <listitem>
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