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Update to man-pages-3.65.
Text changes in Chapter 7.

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  • chapter01/changelog.xml

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    3838    <listitem>
     39      <para>2014-03-23</para>
     40      <itemizedlist>
     41        <listitem>
     42          <para>[bdubbs] - Update to man-pages-3.65. Fixes
     43          <ulink url="&lfs-ticket-root;3547">#3547</ulink>.</para>
     44        </listitem>
     45      </itemizedlist>
     46    </listitem>
     48    <listitem>
    3949      <para>2014-03-22</para>
    4050      <itemizedlist>
  • chapter06/acl.xml

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    5555    to segfault on overly long group name:</para>
    57 <screen><userinput remap="pre">sed -i -e "s|: TABS-1;|&amp;\n\n\t\t\tif (x > (TABS-1))\n\t\t\t\tx = (TABS-1);\n|" \
     57<screen><userinput remap="pre">sed -i -e "/TABS-1;/a if (x > (TABS-1)) x = (TABS-1);" \
    5858    libacl/__acl_to_any_text.c</userinput></screen>
    6160    <para>Prepare Acl for compilation:</para>
  • chapter07/network.xml

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    122122    name as described on the beginning of this page.</para>
    124     <note><para>These procedures require the configuartion files as specified
     124    <note><para>These procedures require the configuration files as specified
    125125    in the previous section.</para></note>
    150   <para>You can use multiple .network files if desired.  You can also specify
    151   DHCP=yes instead of the Address and Gateway settings.  See the man page for
    152 for more details,</para>
     150    <para>You can use multiple .network files if desired.  You can also specify
     151    DHCP=yes instead of the Address and Gateway settings.  See the man page for
     152 for more details,</para>
     154    <note><para>If this method is used, be sure to disable ifupdown@eth0 as
     155    described in the previous section (if it was enabled).</para></note>
    154157  </sect2>
  • chapter07/usage.xml

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    208208  </sect2>
     210  <sect2>
     211    <title>Udev Bootscripts</title>
     213      <para>The first LFS bootscript,
     214      <filename>/etc/init.d/mountvirtfs</filename> will copy any devices
     215      located in <filename class="directory">/lib/udev/devices</filename> to
     216      <filename class="directory">/dev</filename>. This is necessary because
     217      some devices, directories, and symlinks are needed before the dynamic
     218      device handling processes are available during the early stages of
     219      booting a system, or are required by <command>udevd</command> itself.
     220      Creating static device nodes in <filename
     221      class="directory">/lib/udev/devices</filename> also provides an easy
     222      workaround for devices that are not supported by the dynamic device
     223      handling infrastructure.</para>
     225      <para>The <filename>/etc/rc.d/init.d/udev</filename> initscript starts
     226      <command>udevd</command>, triggers any "coldplug" devices that have
     227      already been created by the kernel and waits for any rules to complete.
     228      The script also unsets the uevent handler from the default of
     229      <filename>/sbin/hotplug </filename>.  This is done because the kernel no
     230      longer needs to call out to an external binary.  Instead
     231      <command>udevd</command> will listen on a netlink socket for uevents that
     232      the kernel raises.</para>
     234      <para>The <command>/etc/rc.d/init.d/udev_retry</command> initscript takes
     235      care of re-triggering events for subsystems whose rules may rely on
     236      filesystems that are not mounted until the <command>mountfs</command>
     237      script is run (in particular, <filename class="directory">/usr</filename>
     238      and <filename class="directory">/var</filename> may cause this).  This
     239      script runs after the <command>mountfs</command> script, so those rules
     240      (if re-triggered) should succeed the second time around.  It is
     241      configured from the <filename>/etc/sysconfig/udev_retry</filename> file;
     242      any words in this file other than comments are considered subsystem names
     243      to trigger at retry time.  To find the subsystem of a device, use
     244      <command>udevadm info --attribute-walk &lt;device&gt;</command> where
     245      &lt;device&gt; is an absolute path in /dev or /sys such as /dev/sr0 or
     246      /sys/class/rtc.</para>
     248    <sect3>
     249      <title>Module Loading</title>
     251      <para>Device drivers compiled as modules may have aliases built into them.
     252      Aliases are visible in the output of the <command>modinfo</command>
     253      program and are usually related to the bus-specific identifiers of devices
     254      supported by a module. For example, the <emphasis>snd-fm801</emphasis>
     255      driver supports PCI devices with vendor ID 0x1319 and device ID 0x0801,
     256      and has an alias of <quote>pci:v00001319d00000801sv*sd*bc04sc01i*</quote>.
     257      For most devices, the bus driver exports the alias of the driver that
     258      would handle the device via <systemitem
     259      class="filesystem">sysfs</systemitem>. E.g., the
     260      <filename>/sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:0d.0/modalias</filename> file
     261      might contain the string
     262      <quote>pci:v00001319d00000801sv00001319sd00001319bc04sc01i00</quote>.
     263      The default rules provided with Udev will cause <command>udevd</command>
     264      to call out to <command>/sbin/modprobe</command> with the contents of the
     265      <envar>MODALIAS</envar> uevent environment variable (which should be the
     266      same as the contents of the <filename>modalias</filename> file in sysfs),
     267      thus loading all modules whose aliases match this string after wildcard
     268      expansion.</para>
     270      <para>In this example, this means that, in addition to
     271      <emphasis>snd-fm801</emphasis>, the obsolete (and unwanted)
     272      <emphasis>forte</emphasis> driver will be loaded if it is
     273      available. See below for ways in which the loading of unwanted drivers can
     274      be prevented.</para>
     276      <para>The kernel itself is also able to load modules for network
     277      protocols, filesystems and NLS support on demand.</para>
     279    </sect3>
     281    <sect3>
     282      <title>Handling Hotpluggable/Dynamic Devices</title>
     284      <para>When you plug in a device, such as a Universal Serial Bus (USB) MP3
     285      player, the kernel recognizes that the device is now connected and
     286      generates a uevent. This uevent is then handled by
     287      <command>udevd</command> as described above.</para>
     289    </sect3>
     290  </sect2>
    210292  <sect2 id="ch-scripts-clock">
    211293    <title>Configuring the System Clock</title>
    213     <sect3 id="ch-scripts-setclock">
    214     <title>System V Clock Configuration</title>
    216     <indexterm zone="ch-scripts-setclock">
    217       <primary sortas="d-setclock">setclock</primary>
     295    <indexterm zone="ch-scripts-clock">
     296      <primary sortas="d-scripts-setclock">setclock</primary>
    218297    <secondary>configuring</secondary></indexterm>
    269348    in the <filename>/etc/sysconfig/</filename> file.</para></note>
    271      </sect3>
    272350  </sect2>
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